Thursday, December 1, 2005

When will he ever . . .

I wonder when Jeffrey will propose? I'm pretty sure he will. Next month? Three months? I don't know. I definitely think it would be worth it to make it work with Jeffrey. I could commit to him. Although it is weird to think about getting married while all of my friends are on missions, because then they couldn't be there.

It's kind of weird to be in this situation. It's like I'm watching it happen to someone else.

In my dream last night, he was going to propose.

However, I still don't feel like we've been dating long enough to make that kind of step. So, I hope he doesn't propose any time soon. I don't think it will be soon, because he says he's scared of being wrong.

I am a little worried about Jacob Jackson over Christmas break. I should call him. I wonder how I can make him understand and not hurt him any more.

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