Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day *cough*

It's never too late, right? Ha.

For Mother's Day, Jill (with help from Jeff) made me a flower pot holder.

For Mother's Day, Daniel slept ten uninterrupted hours Friday and Saturday night! (This glorious event has not since been repeated, but boy was it wonderful!)

For Mother's Day, Jeff made sausage gravy with heart shaped biscuits (both from scratch) for breakfast as well as twice-baked potatoes for lunch.

And at church, I was given a piece of chocolate. Yum.

Jill (left) and Daniel (right) both are a few days older than four months.

Top left: "Yeah, we're that cool." 
Top right: "Let me hold your hand, Danny." 
Bottom left: "Whoa." 
Bottom right: "Danny is so funny, Mama!"

"Daniel, there are many techniques available to use when learning how to rattle your rattle.
First, let's discuss proper form . . ."

The outfit Daniel is wearing during rattle lessons has a story. My mother bought it back in 2007 when the first grandchild was in the oven. (Ha Ames!) We still did not know whether my sister was having a boy or a girl. Then Hallie came. Then more grandchildren arrived. Annibelle. Emily. Jill. Hanna. Callie. Then finally Daniel! So, the baby boy clothing finally had a home. (And now we have Tabitha, too!)

Good news with our house—progress is . . . progressing. ;) The crawl space clean out crew was here over the weekend. It was amazing (and disgusting) how much sewage and nasty stuff they removed from our crawl space. My house currently smells overwhelmingly of lime, and the fans and dehumidifiers have been running nonstop. Yay for one step done! (And yay for having added sewage backup insurance when we bought the house a year ago.)

I am so impressed by my loving family and friends who are brave enough to continue on with their plans to visit. My parents will be here for Memorial Day, my sister and her family in June, some of our best friends from Utah over the Fourth of July, and my grandmother just before Labor Day. I am happy to say my house no longer smells like sewage and all bathrooms are now functional (if not up to code), but the basement is a mess. I wonder who will be the first to visit after all of the repairs are complete!

Oh, and last night Jill was crying in her bed and not sleeping. When I asked her what she needed, she said a pretty dress. So, we took off her pajamas and let her sleep in one of her pretty dresses. Ha. What a girl! I wonder if they make night gowns in her size. It sounds like she might like those.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What a year it has been!

Okay, okay, I suppose I should wait to write blog posts with that title until a little later in the year, but it really has already been a full year!

Let's see, the year began with Daniel arriving one month early. (Although he is determined to show the world that he was ready to come—at his last appointment his weight moved from the fifth percentile up to the seventy-fifth. Yay for mommy's milk!)

We had a mouse problem. Or two. Or three. I think we totaled out at four before solving that issue.

We had frequent flooding in the basement. At this point, the basement is completely emptied out. We had to throw away the only one year old carpet and padding. After extracting over 150 gallons, we bought a temporary pump to suck water out of the crawl space, which requires a hose running out the back door. I am going to be very excited for when I don't always have a door open.

We also seem to be dealing with sewer issues. The house smells horrible, and you probably don't want to know what alternatives I have been resorting to in lieu of my toilet, but let's just say that I have gained an appreciation for modern indoor plumbing.

There is a leak in my car. In the back. Whenever it rains, the water trickles in along the door and makes the carpet soaking wet.

Again with the sewer/plumbing issues: the bath tubs fill up with nasty water. Since the toilets are basically no longer used, we're not getting poopy water any longer, but I am still seeing things that went down the disposal. I have now stopped using that as well.

Since the basement is out of commission, almost everything from down there is spread out through the rest of the house. I finally have it so my house almost looks uncluttered, but I hate all of the extra stuff. If we aren't able to get this fixed soon, I might start making donation trips that I will regret once I have the room back.

I had to have a root canal last week. I can't help but feel too young to already have had a root canal.

However, I must admit that life is still awesome. I have friends and family that let me crash at their houses to do laundry, bathe my children, and breathe pleasant air.

I have a healthy son and an intelligent daughter.

My parents have been able to visit, and my mother has been able to visit many times!

Even though some of the flowers I've planted were sacrificed for the good of digging up ground to explore water issues, I have enjoyed many beautiful blooms and sweet scents.

It is warm enough to leave my windows open most of the time to get fresh air.

It is only my basement. I still have a roof over my head and four walls protecting me.

My car still runs and gets me where I need to go.

A root canal saved my tooth! Yay for not living back in the day before modern dentistry. And Jeff's company added dental insurance at the beginning of last month. A miracle! (They also added vision insurance and a retirement IRA. Did I already exult about that?)

My husband and I celebrated (and haha celebrated is used loosely, because this has been our least celebrated anniversary) our fifth anniversary. I remember when we were first married, looking at couples that had been married for three or fours years and thinking about how LONG they had been married. Ha. Oh, does time fly. I am so happy to be Mrs. Collett!

And not only is life not all that bad, but I also have a lot to look forward to. I have two new nieces that I will meet before the year is out. My parents are coming back for a WEEK long visit at the end of this month. Jeff's brother Ryan and Cyanne are getting married at the end of this month. My sister and her family will visit for a while. One of my very best friends from Provo, her husband, and their dog are planning on visiting us this summer. My mom, sister, sisters-in-law, myself, and our eight children are going to have a fun five days in Hershey, Pennsylvania, at the beginning of this fall.

Here are some photos to prove that things are good!

My mom and dad spent Easter with us!

Jill turned two and had her first haircut!

Here's our beautiful family after five wonderful years!

Jill's wildest dreams came true!!
(For more pictures, go to her facebook profile.)

Life is very, very good.