Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Post-Visit Funk

So, I've been blog silent recently. First it was because my beautiful sister, incredibly talented brother-in-law, and amazing nieces came to visit me for a blissful week, and now it is because I am in that after-people-leave-from-visiting funk. Where your once great house just seems empty and lonely. And I feel like I need to fill it with as many kids as possible. Haha. Jill LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having a playmate around all the time. I think this bodes well for her future big sisterness.

Here is what I miss . . .

Come again! Please! Anytime!

Here's this picture, because Jill looks awesome.

And then this video to prove that Jeff was around last week and even took half of it off work to have fun with us!

Here's a link to the video in case you aren't viewing this on my actual blog.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Newest Boling

My sister-in-law and brother have welcomed a new little girl into the world! Yay!
Callie Caprise Boling

She joined us on August 3 a bit before 9:30 in the evening. She weighed in at 8 pounds 7 ounces and measured 20 1/4 inches long. She's a fresh little angel!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cat Joy

The joys of a cat.
  • Stalker: He follows me around the house, always wanting to play or snuggle. I really expected him to curl up and sleep all over the house, and I would have to search him out. I wonder if this is just his personality or because he is a kitten. Either way, it is quite gratifying to be the center of his universe.
  • Alarm Clock: He has a very accurate sleep body clock, or what-have-you. He wakes me up without fail around 6:00 am every morning. And most of the time there is still food in his food bowl, so I'm not sure what his deal is. However, he has done it every morning we've had him. Instead of an annoying ringing sound, I wake up to a kitten rubbing his head on my face. A much softer way of waking up.
  • Battle scars: He has his claws right now, and I have many, many scratches to prove it. I don't know how to play with him without getting scratched, and I can't just ignore his need to play!
  • Bad example: Jill is a good mimic. She used to just imitate her daddy and I, but now that we have a cat, she follows his lead as well. She has tried to climb up on my shoulder, and recently she has fallen in love with standing or sitting on windowsills. They are one of Cosmo's favorite places to soak in the sunshine.

And this morning, Cosmo showed a new side of himself. While I was getting Jill out of her crib, Jeffrey heard Cosmo meowing by the side of the bed. So Jeffrey meowed back at Cosmo. After hearing Jeffrey, Cosmo jumped up on the bed with a lizard in his mouth! When I came back to our bedroom with Jill, Jeff said, "So, have you given Cosmo a toy lizard?" My reply, "Nope. Why?" Jeff, "Well, he's playing with a lizard." Yes. It was a dead lizard. A real lizard. That Cosmo was playing with on my side of the bed and on my pillow. Blessedly, its body was intact, so no guts were oozing out over my bedding, but still.

So yes, that was very unexpected. Cosmo has never been outside since he's lived here (other than when I'm holding him), so we really have no idea where he encountered the lizard except for accepting the obvious—that it came from inside our house somewhere. We hadn't ever really realized that Ohio even had lizards previous to this. It's the first one I've seen here. Now we know though. And we acknowledge that it was sweet of Cosmo to bring it to us as a gift rather than hide it somewhere to stink up or leave it somewhere for me to step on.

May you rest in peace, ugly lizard.

And because Jill is cute, here are some pictures from the Reds game we attended last Saturday. Go Reds! (Am I a bad fan because I like them better when they're losing, because then tickets are less expensive?)

Jill and Daddy

Jill, Anayancy, and Santiago

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Ups and Downs

Life has many highs and lows, many high points and low points. I experienced a point in my life that was massively weighted to one side of that scale. This has made me consider other moments in my life.

Note: If you are under the illusion that I'm awesome and cool, you may not want to read this post. It will shatter that illusion. Also, if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read this post.

Look at my beautiful girl with my wonderful daddy!

Definite high: Jill everyday. She's just so stinkin' cute and smart.

Definite low: Having a miscarriage in March.

High: All of the wonderful friends I have been blessed to make in Cincinnati.

Low: Being woken up by my cat nibbling on me only to go downstairs and discover there is still food in his bowl.

High: Watching little plants grow and buds turn into flowers and enjoying the beauty of my yard.

Low: Seeing a house centipede but not being in a situation to dispose of it.

High: Being married to a wonderful man.

Low: All of the times that I have broken glass things this year.

High: Making it through a nauseous first trimester! Here's for rooting for a fantastic second and third! Hip hip hoorah!

Low: Throwing up. I am not a fan of throwing up. I am a violent "vomiter." I wish I could do it gently and gracefully, but it pretty much rocks my whole body when I am in the throes of upchuck. Everything gets juicy. Of course, my mouth is busy. But it also comes out my nose, and it makes tears come out of my eyes. Every now and then it even makes me wet my pants a bit. Honestly, I'm surprised nothing pours out of my ears when I throw up. I hate vomiting. Today I had the privilege of vomiting at Walmart. All because of a cough. Coughing and sneezing are very dangerous to me when I'm pregnant. So, that's really inconvenient. I engage in high measures to not cough or sneeze, but some are unpreventable and sneak up on you all quick like. And they come out. And then I battle with my stomach. Calm down, tummy. Sometimes I lose. Like today. When I could not make it to the bathroom at Walmart. Stinkin' huge store! So I ended up with vomit all over my hands (because my genius self thought I could stop the onslaught), all over my feet and flip flops, about a foot up my pant legs, loads all over the floor, and some on the shopping cart. Sad day. I'm sure it was an even sadder day for whichever employee ended up having to clean it up. I had to stand next to it for quite a while before I found an employee. (Have you noticed how scarce they are in the food department? It's much easier to find them in the rest of the store.) Blessedly, a fellow shopper watched Jill to make sure she did not fall or jump out of the cart while I was otherwise indisposed, and she handed me diaper wipes from my bag, so I could somewhat clean up. Sigh. So that was a low point.

On a happier note, isn't my daughter stinkin' cute?

Have you had any recent highs or lows that you'd like to share? Or any pregnancy woes? If you have any tips for how to vomit gracefully, please pass them on!

A new Jill video

If you are having trouble watching the video, click here to watch it on youtube.