Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Ups and Downs

Life has many highs and lows, many high points and low points. I experienced a point in my life that was massively weighted to one side of that scale. This has made me consider other moments in my life.

Note: If you are under the illusion that I'm awesome and cool, you may not want to read this post. It will shatter that illusion. Also, if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read this post.

Look at my beautiful girl with my wonderful daddy!

Definite high: Jill everyday. She's just so stinkin' cute and smart.

Definite low: Having a miscarriage in March.

High: All of the wonderful friends I have been blessed to make in Cincinnati.

Low: Being woken up by my cat nibbling on me only to go downstairs and discover there is still food in his bowl.

High: Watching little plants grow and buds turn into flowers and enjoying the beauty of my yard.

Low: Seeing a house centipede but not being in a situation to dispose of it.

High: Being married to a wonderful man.

Low: All of the times that I have broken glass things this year.

High: Making it through a nauseous first trimester! Here's for rooting for a fantastic second and third! Hip hip hoorah!

Low: Throwing up. I am not a fan of throwing up. I am a violent "vomiter." I wish I could do it gently and gracefully, but it pretty much rocks my whole body when I am in the throes of upchuck. Everything gets juicy. Of course, my mouth is busy. But it also comes out my nose, and it makes tears come out of my eyes. Every now and then it even makes me wet my pants a bit. Honestly, I'm surprised nothing pours out of my ears when I throw up. I hate vomiting. Today I had the privilege of vomiting at Walmart. All because of a cough. Coughing and sneezing are very dangerous to me when I'm pregnant. So, that's really inconvenient. I engage in high measures to not cough or sneeze, but some are unpreventable and sneak up on you all quick like. And they come out. And then I battle with my stomach. Calm down, tummy. Sometimes I lose. Like today. When I could not make it to the bathroom at Walmart. Stinkin' huge store! So I ended up with vomit all over my hands (because my genius self thought I could stop the onslaught), all over my feet and flip flops, about a foot up my pant legs, loads all over the floor, and some on the shopping cart. Sad day. I'm sure it was an even sadder day for whichever employee ended up having to clean it up. I had to stand next to it for quite a while before I found an employee. (Have you noticed how scarce they are in the food department? It's much easier to find them in the rest of the store.) Blessedly, a fellow shopper watched Jill to make sure she did not fall or jump out of the cart while I was otherwise indisposed, and she handed me diaper wipes from my bag, so I could somewhat clean up. Sigh. So that was a low point.

On a happier note, isn't my daughter stinkin' cute?

Have you had any recent highs or lows that you'd like to share? Or any pregnancy woes? If you have any tips for how to vomit gracefully, please pass them on!


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! Sorry about all the vomit at Walmart and in general. I don't have any tips for you unfortunately, I never get past all of that first trimester nastiness but for me I am just not a violent vomiter. Maybe it's a hereditary thing? I also don't really have a gag reflex, or at least not much of one so I never vomited much all the times I was pregnant. Mostly just felt like crap 24 hours a day. I'm sure you've probably tried all the nausea remedies by now, I probably don't know of anything you haven't heard....

  2. congratulations! so glad you have gone public- i am so happy for you! and so sorry about your miscarriage in march.
    and yes she is so stinkin cute:)
    i can't believe you went to walmart today too and to steak n shake after the park and watching my kids all morning and probably having to vacuum busken cookies up from your living room... you are always so busy.
    and you have made great friends because you are a great friend. hope you know that.

  3. at the beginning of my first pregnancy when i was so sick marilyn robinson told me she used to take a third of a unisom pill and half of a b6 vitamin together everyday. she was throwing up 13 times in a 12 hour period. i'm not sure if thats what it was that worked for me or if it was entering into my 2nd trimester at the same time.
    also mint- having peppermint patties or just chewing on mint gum helped me so much, and even now if i get a stomach ache i turn to mint just cuz it helped so much then :)
    so sorry that happened at walmart- hope you weren't too embarassed :)

  4. Wow, this post had me in shock over and over again! I didn't know you had a miscarriage in March. I am so very sorry! And, I didn't know you are pregnant! I am so very happy for you!!!! Sorry about the vomiting. I don't have any advice on how to do that gracefully. I'm not sure it's possible. And your description of vomiting is spot on to how I vomit!! (But I have never puked in public, that I can remember. So that stinks for you!)

  5. congratulations on the pregnancy!!! And so sorry about the miscarriage, they are really rough.

    So far as pregnancy goes, I guess I am a violent vomiter too, since everything you described is how I am, minus the coming out the nose. Cross your legs while throwing up and work on your kegels whenever you think about it and that should help with the incontinence. With Brenden, I noticed that if I didn't eat breakfast in the morning and waited until I got nauseous, I could get in the shower and dry heave there and then get out and eat and feel better. So that's what I do when pregnant. I also have to worry about crying or laughing too hard, so beware of those too. Ginger is supposed to help (Canada Dry has real ginger in it, but it's better if it's fresh), sucking on anything helped me with my first two. Lemon drops works for some people, it didn't with my first two, but did for the third one. Cold water and popsicles help me.

    And sometimes when you know it's coming, just don't fight it, it'll be so much better afterward. That took most of my pregnancy with Brenden to figure out. Good luck to you, pregnancy just doesn't seem to be easy.

  6. Devin had rules for me when I was pregnant with Hallie, I was not allowed to 1. stand up too fast, 2. cough or sneeze 3. um... what was it?

    There was a third rule. When I was pregnant with Hanna he was freaking out every time I "broke" one of my rules... I wish I had "real" tips for you.

    Man, in public, seriously, that's painful. I'm glad there was a nice woman there to help you. I'm sure Jill was freaking out a little. I know Hallie always did when she caught me vomiting. Luckily, I almost always vomit at night when I'm pregnant so she was usually asleep.

    The good news is whether you find real tips that work or not, this period of time only lasts for so long! You can make it through.


  7. This post definitely had ups and downs, but I have to say even with the Walmart vomiting the UPs won out! I am SOOOOO excited that you are pregnant! I am also so excited for you to get over your first trimester. Mine was hard this time around, but now I can hardly remember it and feel great. Hopefully you will start feeling better soon! Jill is adorable as always. I am getting very antsy for a visit to Ohio... maybe next spring! :) Then we can meet the newest Collett!

  8. Congratulations on your wonderful news! I have hyperemesis with my pregnancies (super-bad sickness the whole time) and none of the home remedies worked for me. I would throw up so hard my throat would bleed . . . not a lot of fun. I ended up in the hospital with this little guy because even with all the drugs I couldn't keep liquid down for days and needed re-hydrated. My advice: lots of rest (hard with a toddler, I know) and drugs! They make disolvable Zofran now that can help if you can't keep down the pill like me, plus you can double zofran with fenergan. Take care of yourself! You will be in my thoughts and prayers that the sickness passes soon.

  9. Congrats on being pregnant!! Yea! Can we get a due date? And yuck, throwing up is NO fun. I threw up a ton with Brooklyn, but not at all this pregnancy. And I had a miscarriage a few months before this pregnancy too...it just makes you more grateful when the pregnancy is going well (if you can count throwing up in Walmart going well, but I think overall you can). Love you Mims!

  10. First, just give up trying to catch it. It's better for you and for everyone else. And I'm totally with you on the HATING to vomit. I have that same issue, and I was sick with my first the WHOLE NINE MONTHS. It was a daily tragedy, I tell you.

    I had a prescription for some anti-nausea, and it didn't seem to help me much. With Aidan, it helped to ALWAYS have food in my stomach. I was CONSTANTLY nibbling at things, and it pretty much kept the nausea at bay.

    With Asher, that didn't work. Neither did an empty stomach. But a half of a Benedryl tablet worked quite nicely. It didn't even make me drowsy, just cut the nausea. And then, mercifully, I wasn't sick after the middle of the 2nd trimester.

    Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I had one right before Asher, too, and it totally sucked. And congrats on the new addition!!!!

    Oh, and I totally threw up in public. A few times. I once threw up just outside my car in the parking lot. Like, in the parking spot next to me. It was sad. I cried.

  11. congratulations! were you pregnant when you were watching my kids for me before we moved??? if you were i am SO sorry. hope you move past the sick part soon. when's the due date?

  12. When I was pregnant & throwing up, I usually couldn't stop throwing up unless I drank ginger ale. I would just keep having the urge, even after I had emptied my stomach.

    So I would be somewhere between the bathroom & the kitchen, screaming at Daniel to get my ginger ale. Luckily I usually only got sick at home. One time I got sick away from home, but I was in the parking lot at Kroger. So I just drove away afterward.

    Good luck! And hang it there.

  13. congrats on the pregnancy! i wish i had great advice on dealing with vomit but the only thing I've learned over the past 9 months is that eventually your body can learn to throw up without actually ridding you of nutrients....if that is at all reassuring i don't know but good luck!

    hopefully you're past the worst of it. and in the end you get a baby!

  14. Thanks for sharing the lows and highs...I still think you are very awesome and cool and I'm quite lucid. Wow, throwing up in Wal-mart...that makes my bad day look really weak in comparision.

  15. After reading this, I just really want to say I love you and we need to talk more.

  16. Meems! Congrats on the pregnancy! I am so excited for you! Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl? :)


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