Thursday, May 13, 2010


This post will have no pictures, because while I thought about pausing the clean up for a moment to take a picture, I decided I did not want to have pictures to remember these moments by. Haha.

I didn't post about this, but last month, I broke a lamp at a store. I had a curtain rod poking out of my cart, and when I turned the cart to follow Jeff and Jill, the rod swung across a row of lamps, knocking quite a few over, but blessedly only one fell to the ground and broke into a bunch of tiny pieces. Jeff, an aisle or two over, heard the break and felt pity for the person. Then he heard my shrill voice yell, "Jeff!!!" and he realized his pity was for his wifey. The clean up person told me I would have to pay for it, but the cashier told me I didn't, so that was a blessing. I assume stores have insurance for those types of accidents. Embarrassing.

Remember a few posts ago where I talked about dropping the frosted cake in my doorway? The hot glass pan shattered and the cake and frosting were all over my foyer and front porch. That was not enjoyable to clean up, and I am still finding shards of glass in my flower beds and sidewalk. The blessing about that disaster is that my mother-in-law was holding Jill way down the driveway, so Jill did not get injured. At her height, the glass would have hit her just perfectly I think.

Earlier this week, Jill and I were at the grocery store. She was properly seated in the cart but was quite bored. She likes to hold the groceries that I get to hold, so I often hand her things. She drops the lighter items every now and then, and I got tired of picking them up, so I sat something on the seat next to her that was heavy, so she wouldn't be able to throw it. Well, she managed to get the extra large container of applesauce out of the cart. Sigh. It slammed onto the ground, shattering and spraying applesauce everywhere. Again, I was blessed that there was no one near by me, so at least I didn't have to apologize for splattering applesauce all over his of her clothes, but it was embarrassing. A nice man went to notify someone, and I waited until the clean up person came for me to thank him for his efforts and offer to pay for the applesauce. I didn't have to pay for it. Next time I'll find the applesauce in a plastic container . . .

Then about half an hour ago, I decided to make crock pot chili, because I had the ingredients for it, and there won't be much time this evening to make dinner. The meat goes in. The beans go in. Tomatoes go in. I put in one container of my grandparents' homemade tomato juice. I try to pop the lid off the other glass jar (my can opener doesn't have the do-hickey to pop it off, so I have to get it with my finger), and to my horror, the glass jar slips off the counter and shatters on my kitchen floor. Jill runs into the kitchen, and I quickly scoop her up and put her in her booster seat at the table with lots of rice cakes. Then I notice to my dismay that my SUPER cute new slippers for mothers' day that Jill (cough) picked out for me were covered in tomato sauce, so I carefully cleaned them off, but then they were wet. Then I realized I had stranded myself barefoot in a kitchen covered with glass and tomato juice. So, I strategically went across to get some flip flops. As I cleaned up the tomato juice, I wondered if it was karmic justice (ha) since I didn't have to clean up Jill's applesauce. I was envious of that clean-up man, because he had this powder that he poured on the applesauce, and it bubbled up, and then cleaned up quite easily. I did not have that powder. I wonder what it was. Glass is surprisingly difficult to find when it is in small pieces and hiding in tomato juice. I finally got that all cleaned up and went to get Jill when I discovered . . .

the next mess. I had a gardening shovel in my house, because it somehow hadn't made it to the shed with the rest of the tools. It has been raining, raining, raining the past few days, so I haven't wanted to go outside and put it in the shed. Jill finally found its hiding place, so I put it on the kitchen table where she can't (normally) reach. However, the shovel was on one edge of a notebook, which Jill must have grabbed, because she was completely covered in dirt. Time for a wash up, Jill!

Amidst all of this, I wonder what I am supposed to be learning. That I'm a klutz? That I shouldn't let Jill play with applesauce and garden shovels? I know that I'm incredibly blessed that neither Jill nor I have gotten cut yet.

Posts really feel incomplete without pictures, so here is a picture from 2005 when Jeff and I were dating and he was completely embarrassed because of his dropping a cake.

He had already picked up most of the cake off of me, but the frosting remained still to be cleaned. Sometimes it is worth it to pause and take a picture. :)


  1. OOOOH Meems. So did you want to skype so I could talk to Jill and distract her while you cleaned up? I don't really understand about the shovel and the notebook. Was the shovel on top of the notebook? And I thought Jill was in her booster seat?

    I really feel for you with all those messes. I have days like that sometimes where I wonder, "am I completely incompetent, or is there still something out there that I haven't managed to totally ruin, mess up, corrupt, etc?"

    Love you.

  2. AND I still really, really, really love that picture. Classic.

  3. Wow, that's amazing! I, luckily, haven't broken anything glass since Benji was born. But, when I was pregnant with him, I broke a glass pitcher and nearly a dozen of our drinking glasses!! At least you haven't had to pay for the things you broke at the stores.

    That picture is great!

  4. Good grief, girlie! I would probably want to lock myself in a room with non-breakable objects at this point. Hopefully getting it all out here on your blog will help improve your luck.

  5. I miss my little mess-makin' heart-warmin' babies. Thanks for giving me grandkids and sharing heart-warmin' stories of their mess-makin'.

  6. omg mimi! well i know you aren't really a klutz- cuz your house is always clean- lol. but i guess sometimes it's just crazy timing- poor michelle

  7. You poor thing! I have yet to break anything in public, but I know exactly how Jeff was feeling when he heard you break that lamp. I always feel so bad for people when that happens. I am so happy they didn't make you pay! Back in Royal Oak when zach and I were first married he took a costco-sized bottle of salsa out of the fridge and as per the directions, "Shook well". The cap came flying off and salsa was all over the kitchen and HIM! haha, He will never live that one down. I hope your luck improves! :)

  8. sawdust works well with wet spills :)

  9. Meems! i love the pic of you and the cake. i dont think i ever heard that story. classic! you are so cute. and disasters come and go. i find things like that always come in spirts. :0)


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