Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sigh. I was at the tire store the other day, because I needed new tires, and the sales clerk said something about cars that I did not understand. And I said, "Well, that's why I got married. So I wouldn't have to understand these things." Now I realize that is really anti-feminist and a little dumb, because I still need to know about my car, because Jeff is not with me every second of every day, but haha, I do feel that there are many good reasons for why I got married. And even though I will make an effort to learn more about my car, Jeff knowing things about cars is definitely a good reason. :)

Another reason came up last night. Jeff likes to read my blog and your comments every now and again. Last night he read my post about ducks and geese. Before he read it though, he saw the title and said, "Do you know that's not how the song goes?" I responded, "Yes, I know. That's why I wrote the next sentence in my post." He read it, and I read it. And then I thought about it, and then I felt really dumb.

Yes, ducks and geese are feathered. But they're also web-footed. Sigh. The song is actually even about ducks. At least the first verse is. For whatever reason, when I was typing that post I thought the song was about frogs, so I had to change it to make it work for birds.

So, another good reason to get married is to have someone point out to you when you're being dumb. Because sometimes it is hard to see on your own. And I mean this for more things than just forgetting that ducks and geese have webbed feet. But like when I'm freaking out, and I need Jeff to point out that there is nothing to freak out about. Husbands come in handy.

Do you have any "reasons" why you got married, or why your husband/wife is particularly handy? Or if you're not married, do you have any that will be a reason? Or that you hope will be?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be Kind to Your Feathered Friends

I know the song is for web-footed friends, but I'm talking about birds today.

(A side note on my previous post: Some people presented some valid reasons for horn honking on my blog and on facebook. I still don't know if I'll ever use mine though. I just never think of it fast enough since I'm out of practice. (And I really do think slowly sometimes.) It does sound like a good idea if someone is about to run into me though, and I can't move (like if I'm in a parking lot with no room to maneuver). I still maintain however that honking usually does little good except to vent. The person either knew what he/she was doing and already felt bad or didn't know what he/she was doing and will probably continue to drive obliviously.)

Okay, back to the birds.

Jill loves animals. I don't think she has met an animal (or person for that matter) that she hasn't liked. She even (ew) gives kisses to her uncle's pet rat. (The rat is very clean and a pet—not a stray.)

There is a lake near her paternal grandparents' house that has lots of ducks. We've taken Jill there a few times and have tried to get her to feed the ducks. She has had issues with giving the bread to the ducks. She thinks she should get to eat the bread. Understandable. However, she LOVES the ducks. They just make her so happy.

The other day, Jill and I went to a park near our house. I have seen ducks at the lake there in the past, but this particular day there were no ducks in sight—only geese. Also present at the park was a sign that said to not feed the geese. I had no problem obeying that sign. I remember being slightly afraid of the geese that hung out around the soccer field when I was in high school and being forced to run. I always thought one might nip at my heels.

So, Jill and I are eating our lunch at the park, and the geese take notice. And they come. Oh do they come. Personal space was invaded. I couldn't believe how close they got! Obviously other people have not obeyed the sign, because I imagine they would not be so forward if they haven't been rewarded before.

I WAS TERRIFIED. A few times Jill would point at them, and sometimes she had food in her hand. I really thought my beautiful baby girl was going to lose a finger by a greedy goose vying for her food. And I couldn't keep my eye on them all. They popped up on the left, the right, BEHIND, and UNDER THE TABLE. No location was sacred to these geese. They played it really smart, too. They would leave us alone all of a sudden, but then come back.

As you see, there are two of the forward geese, Jill's head, and the picnic table we were sitting at. I couldn't believe how close they kept coming! Now mind you none of them actually ever tried anything, but I was still so scared.

It was really interesting in retrospect, because I haven't been that scared in a long time. And when I think about it, I have never heard of a goose removing fingers of children. I have heard of them breaking skin and causing bleeding, but I've never heard of limb removal via geese. Nevertheless, I was completely struck with fear. Have you been scared recently? It's quite a unique feeling. I hope I don't feel it again for a long time.

A humorous note: Amidst my terror, I actually had a big surprise, because at one point, one of the geese BURPED! I have never heard a goose burp before, nor have I ever considered it a possibility that a goose was capable of burping, but it happened. I wonder if the goose had gotten into some soda pop . . .

So has anything given you the willies recently? The heeby jeebies? And has the fear-inducing agent been, by any chance, something much smaller than you and relatively harmless? I feel so silly for quaking in my boots (*cough* flip flops) over GEESE. Geese. Goodness.

What is the point of growing up if I am still afraid of things like geese?

Although in my defense, my main fear was of my daughter losing a finger, not of myself.

And I have to wonder why she finally decides to master the concept of offering food to our feathered friends when we're dealing with geese instead of ducks. Jill . . .

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Horn

How do you feel about horns? Car horns. When people honk their horns. Are you a horn honker?

I don't like it when horns are honked, and I don't use mine.

It really stresses me out when I am driving and I hear a honked horn. I immediately tense up wondering, "am I being honked at?" "am I doing something wrong?" "am I about to hit someone?" "is someone about to hit me?" "what is going on?!" "why would someone honk a horn!!!" I really hate the sound. I think it is really distracting, and I think it is kind of rude.

I am willing to be educated on the purposes and reasons behind horn honking, so if you know of any, please share in the comments.

I will share my thoughts on the horn.

To me the only purpose of the horn is to show indignation, or similar feelings.

The other day, I pulled out of my street onto a busier street. I should have had plenty of time, but sadly it was raining and I had old tires (I got new ones last week!), and I skidded on the wet pavement, so the oncoming traffic was closer than I would have desired. The woman coming up behind on the busier street honked at me very loudly. That did not help the stressful situation I was already in. Then at the next light, as I sat in the left turn lane, she honked at me again and glared at me as she drove by. I think her purpose in honking was to show her indignation at my poor decision making. I think she should have been watching the road, because it was raining after all.

The other day I was driving in an intersection where I my street did not have a stop sign, but the other did. A man pulled right in front of me. I assume he thought it was a 4-way stop. I did not honk. I slammed on my brakes.

The other day I was driving through an intersection and had a green light. A man turned onto the street right in front of me. I did not honk. I slowed down.

I think that the horn has somehow replaced braking.

I am trying to think of situations where a horn could be used. A child runs into the street and doesn't see you. Honk? No. I think you should brake.

Someone pulls in front of you? Honk? No. I think you should brake.

What purpose does honking serve? For drivers like me (even if we're not being honked at), it stresses us out. The only purpose of honking is to show how upset you are. It is for your benefit, not for the other driver's. If the driver you are honking at honestly did not know that he was being a poor driver, then your honk probably won't help. He will continue to be oblivious. And if the driver did know that she was being a poor driver, then your honk still won't help, because she doesn't care. So honking serves no purpose except for you to vent your feelings of I-can't-believe-that-driver-would-do-that.

I did see a good reason to honk yesterday. We drove down the street on the way to my in-laws' house, and there was a sign saying someone was celebrating his 100th birthday and to honk to join in the celebration. That is a good reason to honk. Honk for joy—not anger.

Anyway, let me know if you feel you are justified in your honking, because I wouldn't mind changing my opinion. But I don't think you will turn me into a honker. It just seems so rude to honk. It's like yelling. The person already probably knows he cut you off. Honking only escalates the matter.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Repeat Offender

Jill has some behavior that I do not approve of, or shall I say, of which I do not approve. Ha. I was explaining to a native Spanish-speaking friend on Saturday about ending sentences with prepositions, splitting infinitives, and dangling participles. They are usage issues about which I could care less, but that regardless (or irregardless haha) continue to be perpetuated and retaught to generation after generation of helpless children who don't understand that rules were made to be broken and some language rules should not have been made at all. Or perhaps children do understand that. Look at how they text message . . . I am impressed by their ability to introduce digits into the spelling of words.

Okay, my blog as taken a major detour from its original purpose.

Repeat Offender: Jill H. Collett.

What are her undesirable repeat offenses?
  • Taking bites out of her daddy's bar of Irish Spring
  • Fishing items out of the trash can
  • Picking up Cosmo by the neck
  • "Helping" with the laundry, which really means unfolding what I've folded
  • "Helping" with the dishes, which really means removing items from the dishwasher or changing their location
Soapy Mouth
I have not tried the Irish Spring soap, but I can only assume that it does not taste good. However that does not daunt her. Without fail, if the bathroom door is left open to my and Jeff's bathroom, she will toddle in there (she is a toddler you know), pick it up, and bite it. Now, the bar of soap actually looks quite cute with her little teeth marks and missing piece, and Jill always spits it out of her mouth when I tell her to, but still. Why? I have tried to explain to her that soap in the mouth is a punishment for a dirty mouth, but the comprehension level is low at this point.

"I Love Trash"
Jill has never seen Sesame Street, but she would definitely relate to Oscar it seems. She loves trash cans. Luckily the trash can that holds her diapers is inaccessible, because I keep it in her closet, but all the rest are fair game, and if she sees something she likes, she will fish it out. And possibly put it in her mouth. No matter how gross. I have had many discussions with her about the ickiness of trash, but again comprehension seems low. Although today she did say "trash" a few times to contribute to our discussion.

She has not yet grasped the concept to not pick up Cosmo (that is the name we chose for our kitten; it's BYU's mascot) by his neck. She does it approximately once daily. He just hangs limp in her arms and does not struggle. I almost want him to bite or scratch her when she does it, so perhaps she would learn not to do it. I have to be vigilant around those two. Cosmo has proved himself to be a very good-natured cat though. He likes Jill regardless of what she does to him. Today he even climbed up on her lap and snuggled in for a little nap. Perhaps he understands she's a baby like he is, or perhaps he has a bad memory. :)

Laundry and Dishes
I'm not sure what to do about this. It is flattering to have her mimic me but frustrating to have my work multiplied. It reminds me of how early in our marriage, Jeff would help with the laundry, and then I would refold everything that he folded. How polite of me. How actually rude of me. What is more important? My husband helping or wrinkle-free clothes? I think you know which is more important. So, right now I just redo what Jill does, because she lacks the coordination to fold clothes. I guess I should try teaching her where to put things in the dishwasher. If she's old enough to take it out, she's old enough to put it back where I want it. Right?

Right now my largest parental struggle is just not knowing what she is capable of and not knowing what to expect of her. I don't want to expect more than a 15 month old can realistically do, but I also don't want to have too low of expectations for her and never get her to grow. Right now when I try to teach her, she usually thinks it is a game. "No" has little to no effect on her except to make her giggle and shake her head. When I put something back that she has taken, she thinks it's a really fun game. There are some things that she will do. She will put items back in a bag or basket. Again she thinks it is a game though. One of her favorite new activities is to fit something inside of something else. Good coordination practice for her. I'm always surprised when she does or says something new. I think, "Oh, you're not actually frozen in time. You're growing. Hm. I'm not sure if I like that."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

If you are having trouble viewing the video (or are looking at this through facebook), click here to watch it in its original.

I can so totally relate to scenes in this video, especially the toilet one and where the toddler is crying at the dishwasher. Sigh. And I can relate to all of the happy scenes, too. But the ones that are really touching are those frustrating ones where it seems like . . . well, you know.