Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sigh. I was at the tire store the other day, because I needed new tires, and the sales clerk said something about cars that I did not understand. And I said, "Well, that's why I got married. So I wouldn't have to understand these things." Now I realize that is really anti-feminist and a little dumb, because I still need to know about my car, because Jeff is not with me every second of every day, but haha, I do feel that there are many good reasons for why I got married. And even though I will make an effort to learn more about my car, Jeff knowing things about cars is definitely a good reason. :)

Another reason came up last night. Jeff likes to read my blog and your comments every now and again. Last night he read my post about ducks and geese. Before he read it though, he saw the title and said, "Do you know that's not how the song goes?" I responded, "Yes, I know. That's why I wrote the next sentence in my post." He read it, and I read it. And then I thought about it, and then I felt really dumb.

Yes, ducks and geese are feathered. But they're also web-footed. Sigh. The song is actually even about ducks. At least the first verse is. For whatever reason, when I was typing that post I thought the song was about frogs, so I had to change it to make it work for birds.

So, another good reason to get married is to have someone point out to you when you're being dumb. Because sometimes it is hard to see on your own. And I mean this for more things than just forgetting that ducks and geese have webbed feet. But like when I'm freaking out, and I need Jeff to point out that there is nothing to freak out about. Husbands come in handy.

Do you have any "reasons" why you got married, or why your husband/wife is particularly handy? Or if you're not married, do you have any that will be a reason? Or that you hope will be?


  1. ha ha ha. if it makes you feel any better, that's one of Hallie's favorite songs and she makes me sing it over and over all day long, and "for a duck may be somebody's mother" didn't ring in my head either until I read this post.

    Husbands are just plain great, aren't they?

  2. I didn't make the connection either. Does that mean we all need more sleep, or that we have better things to think about?

  3. probably to kill spiders and take the garbage out :)
    the funny thing is if anything ever happend to our husbands i bet we could come up with a lot more reasons that that.....

  4. My husband isn't around a lot of the time, and I take care of myself pretty well on my own, really I just married him because he is my best friend. I would be fine alone, but I choose to have him as my mate and to share my experiences with. We are very unconventional and I fall into a more feminist view of things so I don't know what I would say other than that. I take the trash out, mow the lawn, check the oil or coolant on the car/take it to get fixed, pay the bills, pack and unpack, move furniture, cook, clean, work, etc. and sometimes my husband is around to help with these things but it's not a requirement for either one of us, we just do what we need to do in whatever way it gets accomplished...and actually he would prefer to be a stay at home dad someday, but we obviously don't have children yet which also makes us a rarity among young LDS and Army couples.

  5. Although in a very un-feminist way it's nice to have brawn around sometimes when I am in need :)

  6. I married Vico because he is nice. I love being around him. He fights for our family and I want to have him forever. He supports me with love and I will support him in everything that he has to go through. :) And he's a great daddy!


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