Sunday, July 13, 2014

Conversations at my house

I've been collecting conversations with my kids from the past few months. Here are some of them for your enjoyment and my remembrance.

Jill prayed for there to be a baby in my belly. (There is not.)

Then the next day, she asked Danny whether he wanted a brother or a sister. Jeff and I joined in the questioning. Jill was pushing heavily for him to choose a sister, and Jeff was reminding him how much fun it might be to have a brother.

Danny thought about it for a long time in silence and then finally said, "I want a baby . . . dog."


During lunch, Daniel was talking about his Phineas and Ferb vitamins, and Jill was correcting his pronunciation. Then this conversation happened.

Jill, giggling: "Phineas has red hair. Ferb's is green."
Me: "You know, I used to really like a boy with red hair."
Jill: "With red hair?!" *pause* "Was his name Eric?"
Me, laughing: "No. But I did like an Eric with blond hair."
Jill: "Oooh. Is that why you borned children with blond hair?"
Me, laughing again: "No. You have blonde hair, because I do."
Jill: "You have brown hair."
Me: "Well, some people consider it dark blonde. And when I was little like you it was really light."


Daniel: "Mom, I want some Legos for Christmas."
Me: "Hmm. I hear real Lego sets are really expensive." (So far we only have Megablocks and Lego Duplos in our house.)
Jill: "Nooo, Mom. We want them from Santa." (Said with a really "duh" kind of voice.)
Me: "Oooooh. Right. Haha. Silly me."


Jill: "You can either wear these shoes, and I will help you put them on, or you can choose those ones and make a bad choice."
Daniel: "I want to wear those ones."
Jill: "Well, I won't help you."
Me: "Jill, what are you doing?"
Jill: "I'm just trying to help him make good choices."


Daniel: "Daddy, will you play soccer with me?"
Jeff: "How about we just relax?"
Daniel: "Daddy, is that the only game you know?"
Me: chuckling in the background


Riding in the car, Daniel: "Mom, are we almost there?"
Me: "We're sure getting there."
Daniel: "Are we almost there?"
Me: "Well, I wouldn't say almost."
Daniel: "I would say almost. Are we almost there?"
Me: "No, we are not almost there."
Daniel: "Are our friends going to be there?"
Me: "Yes, they will."
Daniel: "Are they already there?"
Me: "I don't know, but they will be when we get there."
Daniel: "If we were already there, will they be coming?"
Me: "I really don't know how to answer that question."


In other news, the random video my sister and I made for our friend's birthday has now been viewed over 2,000 times on youtube. Considering that usually the only viewers to my channel are my family members, 2,000 views is viral. Hopefully, it brought a smile to all those people's faces. (Except for the two who gave it a thumbs down. Ha.) (Warning: If you haven't already watched it, you may not want to, because it has the tendency to really get stuck in your head. It's catchy.)

I love the photo evolution of my son going from "Danny Boy" to "Superhero." These poses and facial expressions occur frequently when he is wearing his Superman, Spider-man, Batman, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirts.

This is how I look when I feel like a superhero!
Who says you can't Moby and Ergo??

I did some wandering last month. If you want to see lots of pictures of it, go to my Facebook. They're there. A highlight was getting to attend my cousin Clay's wedding to beautiful Amber.

Other highlights were going camping at the very top of Michigan's lower peninsula and spending a day in Mackinaw Island. I also got to see four of my best friends from my middle and high school years. Also included in this trip was seeing lots of family! I was able to spend time with my parents, my maternal grandpa, my paternal grandma, two siblings and their families, my in-laws, five sets of aunts and uncles, and seven cousins and their families. My kids got to play with six first cousins and ten second cousins. Lots of Homers and Bolings!! I loved it. Icing on the cake would have been seeing even more of my cousins, aunts, and uncles. Of course, I've only been home less than two weeks and a new nephew has been born! I guess I'll have to go again sometime . . . !

I especially missed Pete, Mindee, their children, and Jeanie. It's just not the same without you!

This is a shot from when we were at Boyne. There was a dance party and s'more roast on the lawn of a neighboring resort. My family has never been able to resist dance parties (or karaoke parties for that matter. I can't wait until the kids learn how to read!).

I totes turned 29. So, I have one more year of being allowed to say "totes." (Or am I already too old?) It is hard to feel 29 when about once a week someone (strangers and friends) tell me that I look really young. This past month, I have been told I look 15, 16, and 19. I don't think I look that young; probably because I know what I looked like then.

If only we could play with cousins all the time! It is truly special that my family has fourteen grandchildren under the age of seven. There is always a buddy available.

Of course, all vacations must come to an end, but that's totally worth it when there is a daddy at home waiting for us!! (Is anyone else impressed that he is holding all three of our children?)

Jill starts public school tomorrow. Other than a little bit of joy school in Cincinnati, her preschool has been entirely at home, so she was offered entry into a three-week Bridge to Kindergarten class at the local elementary school. I don't know if it is intended to gauge her learning level or just get her used to sitting in a desk and learning from someone other than mom, but it seemed like a good idea. The emotional part of me yelled, "No! You are already stealing her in September, and you don't get her a minute sooner!" But the rational part of me realized that she would love it, and it will help her transition to full-day kindergarten this fall. Reason wins. (Darn it.)

So, tomorrow she is off. How did that happen?

I miss her already.