Monday, February 6, 2012

What a great day it has been!

I remember a past post I wrote referring to how the day had been unbelievably long and then I realized it wasn't even noon yet.

Well, today the opposite is happening somewhat!

It isn't even 8:00 am yet, and I am awake and feeling awesome. So, Daniel for over week now has only been waking up once or twice and then waking up for good in between 7:00 and 8:00. Compare that to the last six months of my life, where he woke up on average four times a night (oh, the unspeakable horror of being woken up eight times in one night!), and then sometimes was up for good around 5:00 in the morning. It has been a very sleep deprived fall and winter. So, now that I have had over a week of almost non-interrupted sleep, I feel so good!

It is amazing—nap time comes around, and out of habit I think I should take a nap to battle my exhaustion. But then I realize that I am not actually too tired. So then I do other things! I have time to myself! I might scrapbook again. I might sew. I finally got to read a book! It's fantastic.

But this not-being-exhausted-throughout-the-whole-day state of being got me to thinking.

And the thinking culminated last night when I decided that perhaps I could try waking up before my kids instead of being woken up by them, and maybe I could wake up early and do things before they wake up. I used to wake up early for seminary, so why not now?

So, I set my alarm clock at 5:30. And I got up! Danny woke up (for the first time that night!!) at 5:45 am. I nursed him, and he went back to sleep. I left for the YMCA at 6:00. I ran a mile (while listening to a General Conference talk!), and then came back home. I took a shower, actually did my hair, wrote in my journal, and read my scriptures. I put a few things away, and now I'm blogging.

One of the other best parts about this day is that I looked at my calendar and the day is completely empty! No pressures or deadlines. No rushing Jill to get her shoes on and no manipulating Danny's nap schedule so I can be somewhere. Fabulous. Just fun with my kids as a well rested mommy.

So, it isn't even 8:00 am, and it already feels like a full day, because I have been able to pack so much awesome into it already.

What a great Monday.

I hope you are having a great Monday, too!


  1. I noticed yesterday at church that you seemed especially vibrant! Congratulations on getting more sleep! That is definitely something to be happy about! (And also for starting the day off right! That's always good, too!)

  2. I love this! Sleep is awesome! Waking up before your kids really makes a difference. I only manage it about twice a week- but I feel so sneaky and productive when I do! I hope the rest of your week is as good as your Monday!

  3. Yay for sleep! I'm proud of you for getting up before the kids - I've yet to be motivated enough to do that. :)

  4. Wahoo!! Way to go Meemstar! I hope you continue having good nights AND days like this! Love you, love your kids!!

  5. I love days like this! I hopethe awesomeness continues! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you.


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