Monday, November 28, 2011

It's already been a long day.

Don't you hate it when you feel like your day has already been impossibly long, and then you look at the clock, and it is only noon? I've had one of those days. And I feel like sharing it with you.

The long day began last night.

  1. For whatever reason, Jill took about two hours to settle down, stay in her bed, and sleep. She shares a bedroom with Danny, so a large portion of the two hours involved me sitting in the rocking chair in the dark (thinking about everything I wanted to be doing) while she fidgeted in her bed. If I stayed in there, then she wouldn't scream and she would stay in her bed, and Danny would not be woken up.
  2. Danny did wake up though (not due to Jill)—around 12:30 and 3:30 and 5:30. He woke up for good at 7:00. So, between Jill giving me a late bedtime, and Danny giving me numerous wake up times, I was a little tired.
  3. Daniel was standing next to the coffee table and then face planted on the table. He has a huge bruise on his cheekbone, trailing up to his eye, with a cut in the middle. He was very upset. One of these days he'll learn to either not fall over or to put his hands out when he's falling.
  4. Jill peed her pants and left a little puddle on the carpet in the family room.
  5. Cosmo peed on the carpet in my bedroom.
  6. About an hour later, Cosmo pooped on the carpet in my bedroom. (Why?!)
  7. I watched my friend's baby for two and a half hours. For two of those hours, she was either crying or screaming. For about an hour and a half of them, I was holding her, so my back and arms are pretty sore. A baby's cry can be contagious, so Jill and Danny did their share of crying, too.
On the flip side . . . 
  1. One day, I'll have to do a lot more than just sit next to Jill's bed to make her feel safe and happy. It is pretty sweet that she allows me to comfort her, and while I had other things to do, sitting in a rocking chair while she lies in her bed isn't exactly difficult.
  2. Even though I am tired, I can never forget how lucky I am to have a baby to hold in the middle of the night, or any time of the day.
  3. Daniel could have smacked his eye on the corner of the table, so his cheek is much better. And him standing up means he is that much closer to walking.
  4. Jill hadn't peed her pants in four or five days, and she told me immediately upon peeing her pants that she had peed, so she was aware and did not hide it.
  5. I found the pee before Jill. I hate finding a pee spot and realizing Jill and Daniel had been playing on that part of the carpet.
  6. I found the poop before Daniel. You know how babies love to put everything in their mouths . . . :)
  7. Since I watched my friend's baby that enabled my friend's husband to go visit her at the hospital. And one of my other friends came over in the last half hour to give me some reprieve from all the crying and help me make lunch. Mothers of multiples: I salute you. 
So, my long day should be pretty short from here on out. Jill is taking a nap. Danny will probably take a nap in the next hour or so. Then I will put dinner ingredients in the pressure cooker and probably take a nap myself until Mr. Amazing comes home.

Thanks for listening to my whine and helping me find the silver linings to my clouds. :)
I hope you're having a good day!

And here is some cuteness. (If you are on my blog, click on the image to view it larger.)

P.S. One of the things I love about my house is how close to the church we are located. I was especially grateful of this yesterday evening when I arrived at the church early for a baptism with all of my kids in tow only to look down and see my feet still shod in house slippers. Ha.


  1. Hehe that sounds like me!! I'm usually half way to the church when I turn around- "does everyone have shoes on??" lol
    That picture is adorable.
    Who is in the hospital?? Is everything ok????
    Sorry about your day. Yes everyone has those days. And luckily they are very few and far between...... Guess I better go knock on wood now :)

  2. Those long days are the worst, but way to have a good attitude about it all!

    Also, I laughed at your message about the slippers, because I have definitely gone to the grocery store or library in my slippers, and it drives Devin nuts. BUT I would also have felt awkward at a baptism, so since my church is nowhere near as close as yours, I'll have to double check my feet before I leave for the church from now on!

  3. I love those pictures! It must be so rewarding to have kids who adore each other (at least a lot of the time, if not all the time). :)

    I hope your day today is better! I liked your silver linings. You're always so positive; you make me try harder to be less pessimistic.

  4. I just noticed Jill's hair, so cute!! I love it.


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