Monday, January 12, 2009

Doctor Visit Again

So today we got to go back to the doctor. :) Blood pressure is normal, and Jill's heartbeat is going strong! Yay :) Next month I am having something called a sugar test. I never got around to asking what that actually means. I was just told it would take an hour and to not eat or drink for two hours before coming. I guess I'll find out next month. I meant to ask, but I was distracted, because I was busy asking him about my rash, tongue, and cold. I've had a cold for three weeks now. :( I know colds are not the end of the world, but it seems slightly unfair to have a cold and be pregnant, hehe. Life's not fair, eh?

Yes, I said rash up there. I have a rash. From my chin to my hips. I'm quite positive it's the same one I had in 2005. It started the same way with a herald patch that you kind of don't notice (I thought it was a large, slow forming zit on my neck haha silly me). Then more patches pop up and pretty soon you're covered. The only real difference I've seen so far is that I'm not as covered, but I do have more skin now with my baby belly, so that could be why. Also, when I had it twice in '05, it didn't itch, and it itches this time. That's slightly unfortunate, but not the worst thing that could happen.

My OB/GYN wants me to go to a dermatologist, but it is acting exactly like previous rashes I've had (except for the itch and I was told last time that it commonly itches, so I'm not worried about that), so it seems kind of pricey to go just to have him confirm what I already know about my own body. We'll see . . .

It's called pityriasis rosea, by the way.


  1. Hi Mimi, the sugar test is to check for gestational diabetes. They give you this sugary drink and then measure your blood sugar to see how your body reacted to it. They don't want you to eat or drink so it doesn't throw off your blood sugar levels before coming in. Hope that helps. I'm glad everything looks okay with Jill! I always loved hearing the heartbeat when I had a doctor's appointment.

  2. Oh no! It itches! You poor thing. I hated having colds when I was pregnant. I hope you get better soon! A strong heartbeat and normal blood pressure are both great things though! I am so excited for you guys to come later today! We can't wait to see you! Even Ryan is extra excited today!

    p.s. We accepted a counter offer on a house we love last night, so we are officially in the process of buying a house! Crazy! We talked to our Realtor and we are going to take you guys to see it on Saturday! See you soon!

  3. Just a heads up about the sugar drink: there's no hurry to finish it. When I took mine for some reason I felt like I had to drink it fast... and it was not a good idea. So take it slow, sip it, and just enjoy it! (I think maybe I drank it fast because I thought it was kind of delicious... but don't let that fool you!) Drink slow. Be strong.

  4. OH and I wonder if that's the same rash I had after Hallie was born? I've never really had a rash before, but I think I told you about this one... except mine was only on my legs and arms...

  5. Dear Mimi,

    Your life is sad right now. I mean, being sick is one thing. But getting a rash, too? That's really pushing it. So we should do a "make Mimi happy night" sometime to make up for the double whammy. I'm thinking a movie, popcorn, smoothies, the works. I'll even kick Sam out and make him hang out with Jeff. Let me know if that would make your life change from sad to happy. I live to make your day better.



  6. Sorry to hear about the rash! And sorry that I didn't text you at least. I meant to, thought I did, and then didn't get it done. My bad.

    I don't know when we'll be there, but I'll be calling you! Love ya!

  7. haha, I was going to explain the sugar test but there are other, experienced people on here explaining it. :) everybody has to take it (unlike other, optional tests) and you basically drink I think 100mL of this orange sugar stuff. Then they draw blood. :) The end.

  8. I agree with Amy about not drinking the sugar test drink too fast. I drank mine fast because the lab tech was staring at me. He said he had to see me drink it all. So I drank fast. On the other hand, at least I got through it fast. It is not the most yummy orange drink. Maybe because it is not carbonated, and it sort of tastes like flat orange soda.

  9. I know we've talked about this pityrias rosea before but I was reading in here and thought I would add my notes about it.

    When I first got it it itched a lot and taking a bath with a bubble bath that had vitamin e in it helped the rash. Also, while it's no longer all over me I feel like it's never left, I still see a patch of it on my arm or my leg every once in a while, so maybe it's a different strain. But I agree, no reason to go to the doctor when I already know what it is & there's no cure. At least with the small ones they don't itch.


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