Tuesday, January 18, 2005


so i am not dying of full body cancer (i thought i might have gotten it from s.j. lol)
i actually have Pityriosis Rosea. yeah who knew?
i had definitely never heard of it before.
i'm already sick of it and i've only had it for about a week and a half. apparently it usually lasts around two to three months, the worst case scenarios last four months, but that's rare. so... i hope it will go away in two months! for about the next two weeks it will get worse and then it will just stay in that way for about two weeks and then in two weeks after that it will start going away. that's hopefully at least.
i can't take any medicine to go it away and doctors haven't figured out yet what causes it, but it's been around for the past two centuries.
it's not very common, but when it does happen it happens to children, teenagers, and people in their twenties.
so yeah basically i won't be getting very many dates anytime soon... but i'm glad that mine doesn't itch yet...

oh yeah for all of you that haven't seen me recently. i have a rash that began on my back and now covers my entire torso. it's all the way from my chin to my hips covering my stomach and back and everywhere. apparently it usually forms a christmas tree shape on the back. that's kind of a cool thought. i suppose.
i'm basically trying to just find something cheerful about having a rash covering half of my body for the next two months.

here's something cheerful... it's not contagious in anyway

i just wish that someone knew what caused it. dang.
they think that it might be caused by past viruses, but no one really knows.
anyway... so you can hug me - you won't get the rash. ;)

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