Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I can't

Sometimes my quiet tears in the bathroom turn into poetry.

"I can't," I whisper.

"I can't," I cry.

"I CAN'T!" I yell.

Silence is the only response.

"But I have to," I realize.

"How can I?" I question.

Breathing in; breathing out.

"I'll fail," I worry.

"I've failed before," I confess.

"But not always," I reason.

Stolen air, hiding in the bathroom.

Breathing in; breathing out.

"Someone has to," I venture.

"And that someone is me," I gasp.

Knock, knock, knock.

My stolen time has ended.

"I need you!" I hear.

Breathing in; breathing out.

"But what about when I can't?" I moan.




So, I try.

Breathing in; breathing out.


  1. You are amazing. And, I love you.

  2. We all have these days... coincidently enough, today was that day for me too. Being a mom is hard. Period. Throw in moving to a foreign country and all that implies and your task is even more challenging. But you are amazing and you CAN do it! You're awesome. And I love your poem.

  3. Wasn't sure if this was about motherhood, or the move, or everything... Oh Mimi. I totally feel ya. All the time. Not just about being a mom, but about everything. All together. Just life. There is just soooo much. And it never lets up. Don't you just wish life would just get easier? But I suppose we'd never grow if it was...

  4. Sometimes it nice to know you're not the only one. Thanks for sharing, I've been there too. (Was there yesterday).

  5. Thanks for sharing :) am here whenever you need entertainment!

  6. I'm in there with you too. —Jess Copeland

  7. You are amazing & NOT ALONE & i love you! —Susi

  8. Te mando un abrazo �� X❤️X —Leticia O.

  9. Your posts are always so deep and make me cry. I can so relate to this one. Sending love from home. —Sara H.

  10. I love you friend... You are an amazing mom and person! Sending you all my love!!! —Maribel

  11. I love you. —Tiffany H.


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