Thursday, May 15, 2014

When will my life begin?

My children are watching Tangled, so the song "When Will My Life Begin?" has been floating around in my head. Ever since that fateful day—October 2, 2012—when Jeffrey received an e-mail letting him know that there were openings available with the Foreign Service as Facility Managers, I feel like I have been playing a waiting game, wondering when my new life would begin. Since then, we moved halfway across the country,  had a baby, traveled to Brazil, and done lots of living, but there have always been the questions.

Will Jeff get in the foreign service?
Will he look for a different job?
Will we end up back in Cincinnati?
Could he possibly find a job in Lincoln, Nebraska?
How is it possible for my children to be so adorable?

Obviously I've had a lot to think about during the past nineteen months.

But today, the main question has been answered! I am so excited and proud to say that Jeffrey has received an offer from the Foreign Service to join the June 2 training session. That means that by the end of June, we will know where our first post will be, and, that by next year, we will be somewhere else in the world. It also means that I won't be a single mom this summer, because Jeff will not be using his visa to Chad for that TDY assignment.

So, hip, hip, hooray for Jeff and our family!


  1. YAAAAAAAAY! I am sure you are more excited than I am about this... but I am pretty dang excited.

    I can't wait to hear where you will go. I am 99% sure I will want to come visit anywhere.

  2. Yay Mimi!!! I'm so glad you're not waiting for an answer (at least regarding this) anymore! Enjoy having Jeff home! Hugs. Candela :)

  3. woot woot tootley toot! I'm singing and I'm dancing! Spectacular things are coming!

  4. Congratulations! —Heather Kimball

  5. Hooray! So excited for you! —Brooke

  6. Congratulations to your family! So happy for you! —Jessica Mitchell

  7. Welcome to the foreign Service, Collett Family! It's a wild ride and one I'm sure you'll enjoy! —Anthon Petty

  8. Wow congratulations! Any idea where you will end up? Can't wait to hear more. —Sara Hosler

  9. Congratulations:) So happy for you and your family:) —Kelly-Jean

  10. Congrats! —Sarah Fearn


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