Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh, Mothers' Day!

Mothers' Day is almost here, and I've been thinking about motherhood a lot. Do you want to cry? Sure? Okay, here are some of the things that I've been thinking about.

Calee Reed—She Put the Music in Me

Kellie Coffey—I Would Die for That

Motherhood. (Click to watch a video and read some powerful quotes.)

And, okay, if you are tired of crying and want to laugh a bit, then click on this link: "To Mothers: I Salute the Crap out of You" or "Four Ridiculous Reasons Why I'm Grateful for My Mom."

Enough sharing. Here are my thoughts.

That first song, She Put the Music in Me, really encapsulates how I feel about my mom. So much of me is because of my mom, and every day I become more and more like her. (At least I'm trying to become more like her!)

The second song, I Would Die for That, is often on my mind when I think about how lucky I am to be a mom. I always took for granted as a kid that I would grow up and become a mother, but there are so many women who want to be moms and can't. And I don't mean for this to become an abortion debate, but think about how devastating it must be to desperately want to be pregnant but never conceive and to know that there are those who are pregnant and desperately don't want to be, likewise to want to adopt but find yourself mired in fees and red tape. I am very grateful for the children I have.

The motherhood video from beautifully captured so much of the joy, exhaustion, excitement, and despair that I feel as a mom. The quote from Boyd K. Packer gives me hope, and the quote from Abraham Lincoln gives me a goal.

And the ones from HaHas for HooHas just make me laugh, which I need after all the crying from the three preceding videos. It is true that I had no idea motherhood involved so much poop, and I am amazed at what I can accomplish while either holding or being held by a screaming baby or toddler. Just yesterday I went down two flights of stairs carrying Alice and Daniel. Yeah. I'm that cool. ;) And I am very grateful for a mother who listens to me even when what I have to say may not be very interesting.

Here are the ladies that give me a reason to celebrate Mothers' Day.

First is Grandma Boling, or Gigi. I have learned many things from her example, but here is what has really made an impression on me. She showed me the importance of family by always making an effort to visit her family members, keeping in touch with family far and near by writing letters, and always being interested in our lives. She shared her love of reading by always having one or two or more books with her when she would visit. She taught the necessity of manners by always behaving with decorum and grace in every situation I have seen. She shared an adventurous spirit, a love of travel, and an example of supporting your husband wherever his job may take your family. Thank you, Grandma.
Marcia Hurn Smith Boling

My Grandma Homer's example has also blessed my life. She has shown me the value of hard work and the benefits of physical toil. She taught me how to can apples and the simple delight of melted cheese on tortilla chips. She left no doubt in my mind as to how important the temple was to her from her example of being a temple worker for a decade in a temple over five hours away. I cherish the memory of her soft cheeks, warm hugs, and ready smile. Even as she was in her final days of this life, she still thought of others and worked on completing a quilt for my daughter who she never got to meet.
Verda Adams Homer

Mama taught me the joy of playing in dirt and helping green things to grow. She taught me to love unconditionally. She taught me patience and understanding. She taught me how to welcome strangers into the home and turn them into family. She exemplified how to find opportunities to serve rather than wait around to be asked. She taught me to sing and dance and shake my hips to Spice Girls. She lived her advice on getting things done even when the road ahead was not easy. She showed me how you can pursue your interests and still be a stay-at-home mom. She instilled in me a belief that I could do anything and be anyone and that I never had to be afraid to fail, because she would always be by my side to pick me up. From her I learned how to be a woman, a wife, and a mother.
Vickie Lee Homer Boling

Another mother I am lucky to have is my husband's mother. Laurie has taught me how to cook and create a meal calendar, how to grocery shop and a way to budget. By watching her, I have learned how to plan family vacations, how to throw great parties, how to feed a lot of people, and even how to do a little family history. She has taught me how to be a Collett, and most importantly, she has shown me how to love her son. And I hope that I have shown her what it is like to have a daughter.
Laurie Lynn Scherer Collett

Sadly, all four of these women are excellent at sewing or needlework (or both!), but I haven't really grasped that skill yet. Some day . . . some day.

And, okay, I'm a mom, too. :) Happy Mothers' Day to me!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you!!! I love all those mothers. And the links you shared. Love it!


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