Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you're having a nice day!

We have had some fun with the secular side of the holiday: an Easter egg hunt and baskets from the Bunny. The kids even got to take pictures with real bunnies! That photo shoot went a lot better than when we took pictures with the Easter Bunny. Alice was terrified for that one. She doesn't seem to like mascot-type animals. She didn't just sit on his lap and cry though—she was very forceful in trying to fling herself off of his lap. It was pretty impressive. (See below for photo evidence.)

On the sacred side of things, we've been enjoying that as well! Jill can pronounce "resurrection," and when I asked her why we celebrate Easter, she told me it is because Jesus died and was resurrected. When I asked her why that was important, she told me it meant that we can live again, like how Tabitha is alive now in heaven.

I know moms always say that their kids are growing up so quickly, but those responses really made me think of how time as flown. Just a few years ago she was toddling around like Alice and then a year or so later she would have said "eggs and the Easter Bunny." What a girl.

Here are two of my favorite Easter videos.

I really like this positive reminder. Sometimes life does seem dark and all the things going on in the world seem impossibly sad, and I need to remember that there is good coming—in this life or the next.

I couldn't find the way to embed this next video, but click on this link to go view it. It talks about all of the things we have in our life because of Jesus Christ, like eternal life and second chances and forgiveness.

If Jeff's paperwork isn't complete before the next Foreign Service training session begins, then he will be sent on his next assignment, which is Chad for two whole months. Obviously, being separated from my husband for two months is not too thrilling of a prospect, especially given all of the separation before Brazil. But whenever I think "woe is me" thoughts or about how hard it will be, I remind myself that my life is actually super easy. I am not widow. I have a wonderful husband. I live in America in comfort. And because of Christ, I know that my husband and I will always be together—during this life on Earth and in the next. Because of Him I have hope that sustains me through all of the dark Fridays.

And for a little cuteness, here. :)

And as proof that I unintentionally tortured Alice. You have to admit that her persistence is admirable. I love how Daniel and Jill are just chill throughout Alice's freakout and then all smiles with the Bunny once she is gone.


  1. They are adorable pictures, and the ones that show the greatest emotion (Alice and the Easter Bunny) will bring the most smiles years from now.

  2. Love, love, love it. Alice! Jill! Daniel! Those faces!! And yes, how do they grow so fast?

  3. Very cute! —Raya

  4. Poor girl, that bunny is freaky! —Joanna M.

  5. So cute and lovely! Where did you take a pic? —Sookhee

    1. The pictures were all taken in Ohio. The ones with the Easter Bunny were at a mall, and the ones with the real bunnies were taken at a studio there,

  6. Live bunnies, so cool. Even with crying in pictures it will bring back great memories! —Cynthia Leydsman


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