Sunday, December 8, 2013

Still Here

Well, we are still in the States and apart. We did have the fortune to be together over Thanksgiving at Jeff's parents' house in Cincinnati, but now the kids and I are back in Detroit, and Jeff is back in Virginia. The hidden blessing in all of these delays is that Jeff has had time to look into the health issues he began having in October. He has seen his primary care physician numerous times, as well as a cardiologist and, tomorrow, a gastroenterologist. Hopefully we will figure it all out soon. And hopefully all of the documents will be in order at the right time for all of the health issues to be cleared up!

There's always a blessing to be found. :)

Like the fact, that both of my kids' grandparents have taken them to see Disney's Frozen, so I've been able to see it twice already. In a movie theatre! This is really huge for me, because other than my dad taking me to see Ender's Game earlier this month, I hadn't seen a new release in a fancy movie theater since 2010. And that is quite a change for me, because I used to go to the movie theater a lot. A lot. Like multiple times a month. Oh, being a teenager is so different from being a young mother.

True on a lot of levels. I never wore clothes back then that had bodily fluid on them.


One highlight from my visit with my parents was roller skating. I thought it would be easy to skate again, but I was really surprised at how difficult it was to get my balance back. Although, I am starting to wonder if perhaps I was actually never good at skating, so the problem wasn't that I had forgotten how to skate but that I remembered my skills incorrectly. In my memory, I was awesome. But going back to the rink reminded me that I never even learned how to use the brakes. Who needs brakes when there are bushes everywhere?

 Mom and Dad at the skating rink
Thanks for the memory!

 Uncle Kevin and Jess were there to celebrate Thanksgiving

My grandpa is visiting my parents right now, too, so my kids get some good time with Great-Grandpa (or Big Grandpa as they call him). 

Alice is starting to eat baby food.

Jill and her cousin in Emily in the dresses my parents got them in Germany.
They are four months apart in age. Emily is tall.

I went with Rachel to pick out a grave blanket for Tabitha. And last week, we went to decorate "Tabitha's house" with Christmas decorations. The cemetery has a cool event where you make "ornaments" that are actually made of food and covered with bird seed. Then you hang them in the trees by your loved ones' graves. So they are really pretty, and they attract cheerful birds. I missed out, because Alice and Daniel were both asleep in the car, but I got to see the finished product.

It is hard to not think of Tabitha while I am staying in this house, the last place I saw her alive, and when I have Alice with me who is close to the same size Tabitha was when she passed. She was such a happy baby. Here's a conversation I had with Emily two weeks ago.

Me: "Do you need help getting your socks on?"
Emily: "Yes, because I'm a baby pegasus, so I don't have hands."
Me: "Oh, yes. A baby pegasus only has feet."
Emily: "Four legs."
Me: "And four hooves. And two wings."
Emily: "GranB . . . "
(I thought she had called me by the wrong name, so I was about to say "No, I'm Aunt Mimi" when she continued.)
Emily: "I call GranB 'Sister.' I had a sister, but she is gone now. She stopped breathing and died, so she is gone. That is what happens when you die."
Me: "Yes, your sister was Tabitha. I miss her."
Emily: "So GranB is my sister. . . . And I call her 'Baby' if we are cooking in the kitchen."


  1. I hope you do get Jeff's health concerns figured out. And that sounds so pretty, with the ornaments and the birds, for Tabitha's grave. What a great idea. I wish I could come visit while you are there, and spend time with Dan and Rachel and Mom and Dad and go to movies!


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