Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Yearly Letter

Here it all is again, in case this way is easier for you.

In 2013, we had the privilege of having a new baby, a new home, and a new job!
Alice Grace was born on February 23. After having two six-pound babies, a nine-pound baby was quite a surprise!
In March, we left our beloved Cincinnati and moved to Virginia, just outside of DC, and Jeff began his new job as a contractor with the State Department, Overseas Building Operations.
Through his job, he has had trips to Zambia, Equatorial Guinea, and Laos. During which, he was able to hold a lion cub, climb Victoria Falls, and eat fried crickets!
Mimi has enjoyed her new calling as Primary Music Leader at church. She is learning how to juggle three small children at home. She continues to love to read and has loved learning more about childbirth.
Jill is 4 ¾ years old. She loves playing dress-up, singing, and dancing. She is a huge help to Mimi around the house.
Daniel is 2 (will be 3 in January). He is starting to communicate more clearly and loves making others laugh. He loves gymnastics, singing, and superheroes. He is known to somersault at any moment.
Alice is 10 months old and toying with the idea of walking. She has been our happiest baby so far (unless you had the audacity to put her in a car seat!).

This year we’ve enjoyed a Collett family reunion in Park City and a Boling family reunion in Shenandoah Valley. We also made visits to Lincoln, Cincinnati, and Detroit. We’re looking forward to new adventures in 2014 and hope you are doing well!

March 3, 2013: Alice's baby blessing and an awesome family photo.

May 22, 2013: Family picture taken at the Collett Family Reunion in Park City, Utah.
Digital rights purchased from photographer Darla Roze.

July 17, 2013: Family picture taken at the Boling Family Reunion in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.
Digital rights purchased from photographer Peter Davis.

November 11, 2013: Family picture for our Christmas card.
Digital rights purchased from JCPenney Portrait Studios.

Here are a few other memorable shots from 2013.

Jeff holding a lion cub.

Jeff's family

My family

 My children with both sets of grandparents

I hope the majority of your 2013 was great and that we're all stronger, better people. I hope we all have a wonderful 2014!


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    1. Thanks, Ames! I think it is kind of fun how the four family pictures document my hair growth, too. From how short it is in the first one to the length in the last one.


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