Monday, October 21, 2013

I have no right to complain!

Does the title of this post just scream that I am about to complain? Sorry about it. I am.

It is really complicated to go to another country! And I am trying to not stress.

Oh woe is me, the shutdown delayed our fabulous Brazil trip. Yeah, but some people didn't have jobs or had to work without pay.

Oh boo hoo, I had to get a root canal and am almost done getting a crown. Yeah, but some people just have to get their teeth pulled and not replaced, and some people die from the infection if left untreated.

Oh wah wah, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get children to Brazil when traveling with only one parent, and I am not looking forward to surviving the flight by myself with three kids. Yeah, but there are people who have walked for thousands of miles carrying their children, leaving behind an awful life and seeking a better one.

So, really, all of my problems are kind of pathetic. Why won't my stress listen to my reasoning?


My friends here are being really nice with offers to store my stuff, watch my kids, and help clean my house. And we are blessed to have found someone to sublease our place in our absence. And I get to visit family before going down to Brazil, so really everything is wonderful. I am just feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list. And a little nervous about the vaccines that Alice is too little to get and that I am ineligible for due to breastfeeding, specifically typhoid and yellow fever. (And didn't get the malaria pills either.) I have been reading pamphlets about how to make smart decisions to stay healthy down there. Is there a health benefit to drinking carbonated water over regular bottled water? The pamphlets were very pro-carbonated water, but if I remember correctly from my childhood days in Brazil, I don't really like "água com gás." Does anyone know?

In other news, since I last blogged, my mother-in-law visited, my husband ate crickets in Asia, I survived my first children's sacrament meeting program as primary music leader, Alice learned to crawl, my husband returned from Laos, the kids and I went to the beach twice (crazy warm fall!), we visited Cincinnati, we went to a pumpkin patch, we have gone to two fall festivals, and my brother Peter visited with his family. Not too shabby.

Alice in the pumpkins

Cousins: Boston, Annibelle, Daniel, Callie, Alice, and Jill

My mother-in-law made us matching outfits
(And Jill can stand on one leg . . .)

The beach: Because isn't that what you like to do in September and October?

The National Zoo with Grandma, right before it was closed.

Oh, and one of the requirements for the photo to be submitted along with my visa application is "no sunglasses or colored frames." That really is impossible, because all frames have a color, even if it is subtle like black or brown. I'm guessing my YOLO blue glasses are out.


  1. If there is anyone who can figure out all the madness coming your way, it's you. I can't believe you guys have been going to the beach!! It looks like fun!

  2. You'll be fine!!!! After the flight, that is! Hopefully you will have lots of nice people on your flight, who like to entertain children from across the aisle, or they will sleep. Just don't give them a giant bag of candy just before you board the plane. That was the strategy some parents took when I flew back from Europe (10 hour flight). Not cool.

  3. Woah what? You're going to Brazil? I'm behind on your blog. Looks like I gotta do some research! You can do it Meems!

  4. Woah what? You're going to Brazil? I'm behind on your blog. Looks like I gotta do some research! You can do it Meems!

  5. Oh my dear friend, you have every right to complain! What a stressful time in life. You've already had a crazy year selling a house, having a baby, moving to a new state, Jeff starting a new job... the list goes on. I don't know how you do it, but you do and you do it well. You'll get it all sorted out. You're amazing and I admire you so much.

    Also, I laughed out loud at your comment about your YOLO glasses. Awesome.


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