Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I broke my son's heart today. I hope I never break his spirit.

We had a doctor's appointment this morning. Danny was SO brave, and all he did was whimper when he had his vaccine. I think that Alice made a big impression on Daniel and Jill when she had her first vaccine last week (I have created a delayed schedule I use). She just sort of whimper moaned and that was it. Jill looked at me with big eyes and said, "Mommy, Alice is sooo brave." I kept reminding Danny all morning of how brave Alice was, and then he handled his shot like a champ!

We arrived home after the appointment, and Danny and Jill went into the house before me. I was slower, because I had to gather Alice and my other belongings. When I entered the house, Danny looked at me with wide, sad eyes. He was standing next to his little froggy potty and was peeing his pants.

I put Alice down and helped Daniel. I put him on the potty, and asked, "Daniel, why didn't you just take your pants off and sit on the potty before you peed? Now you've peed on your Queen shoes. Should I just throw them away since you'd rather pee on them than use the potty?"


The shock at possibly losing his Queen shoes couldn't even be met with a tantrum or tears. Just shock.

Jill, upstairs, yelled down, "But, Mom, you could just put them in the bathtub. And then you could wash them and wipe them, and they would be clean again. You don't have to throw them away."

Jill has obviously already graduated from potty training school and knows the drill.

Daniel still had no words.

Right now, as I am typing this, Danny is playing next to me with Queen and Mater. I keep hearing Queen tell Mater that he needs to go to the bathroom. Pretty cute.

Here is my sweet little boy. He is at his happiest, when he has Lightning McQueen shoes on his feet, a Mickey Mouse baseball cap on his head, a Superman shirt on his chest, and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates sword in his hand. He can conquer anything when he's equipped with those buddies.

(Queen is what we call Lightning McQueen in this household.)

Also, before I knew that Danny would handle the immunization like a champ, I threw out a bribe of slurpees/slushies. Daniel forgot about it, but Jill remembered on the ride home. "Mom, aren't we going to go get our slushy drinks?" My reply, "Oh, well, maybe that would be more fun to do tonight when Daddy gets home from work." Jill: "Well, Daddy is not at work."Me: "Oh, really? Where do you think Daddy is?" Jill: "He's not at work. He's at the store. The slushy store." She would not be convinced that her father really and truly was at work right now. Oh, four is a fun age.

Have you broken any hearts lately? Or, what "buddies" make you feel like you can conquer anything? Wearing my contacts with black eyeliner and a blue shirt makes me feel pretty confident.


  1. I don't have any eyeliner but I do feel good with my contacts and a pretty blue shirt. I need a pretty blue shirt. Well, any pretty clothes work for me actually. And if they are pretty and also comfortable then I'm, like, got my 'queen shoes' on!
    Danny, your mommy peed in her Pretty Sunday shoes. I cleaned them up. Love, GranB

  2. Isn't it just aggravating when they stand right next to the potty and pee though? It is mind boggling!!!


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