Sunday, August 18, 2013


One of the reasons why I value play dates and having my husband come home after work is because adult conversations are necessary for my sanity. Jeff has been gone for a week now, and here are two examples of common conversations in my household.

Mommy: "Danny, you need to eat your dinner."
Danny: "Not eating."
Mommy: "Danny, if you don't eat, then you will have a hungry tummy when you go to bed."
Danny: "Not going to bed."
Mommy: "Danny, if you don't go to bed, you will be really tired."
Danny: "Not tired."
Mommy: "Danny, you are tired. That's why you're not eating your dinner. Come and eat."
Danny: "Not eating."

. . . and so it continues.

Jill: "Mommy, what is Jackson's plant made out of?"
Mommy: "The plant? Um. Plant cells."
Jill: "Mommy, what are Jackson's fish made out of?"
Mommy: "Ummm . . . maybe cartilage?"
Jill: "Mommy, what am I made out of?"
Mommy: "Animals cells."
Jill: "Mommy, what are animals cells?"
Mommy: "The stuff you are made out of."
Jill: "But what do they look like?"
Mommy: "Well, err, sort of like circles. Really small circles. Red and pink circles. You can only see them with a microscope, because they are so small."
Jill: "I can see them. They are all over me."

Why couldn't Jill be asking me about literature or language? Science was one of my worst subject. And now that I think about it, I don't think fish are made of cartilage. That's sharks, isn't it??

After dinner, Jill starting saying this word, but I could not figure out what it meant. I told her we would go make a video of her mystery word, and for some reason that made her start singing it. Can you figure out what she is saying?


  1. She is saying "refreshing". I am the toddler interpreter.

    Sharks *are* fish.

    Numbers-wise 99% of the cells that make Jill, Jill are non-human. Lots of bacteria, little tiny life forms that are born, live and die their own little lives, which evolved with humans, and which give us many of the abilities we take for granted, like digesting food, thinking, and feeling, live on us and in us, and we inherit them from our community. Almost all of the cells in and on a person are non-human.

    Of the thousands of different species that live just in your belly button, they are mostly unique to a small geographic area where you live, and vary all across the world in different people's belly buttons, because they too are evolving.

    However the actual human cells (the remaining 1%) are so large that they make up most of your body-mass. If you took all the non-human life-forms out of you and put them in a bag it would weigh 6 pounds.

  2. I also vote refreshing, but I don't know if I would have been able to guess that if I hadn't seen Peter's vote. He is the toddler interpreter.

  3. I sounds to me that she is saying "We're fussing"...Your children are just adorable, seeing them and you makes me realize how much I miss you and your family!

  4. Mimi,

    I thought my mom was a genius growing up, because she knew the answer to everything. Kids don't care if you are right, or, if you do care, then answer the question that you know the answer to.

    Also, she has a good point, about being able to see her cells, since she can see herself. Too funny! And, good luck.

  5. Thanks everyone! It was refreshing. :) Jill was really excited this morning when I asked her if refreshing was what she was trying to say. I thought she was saying a "we're ____ing" kind of word, but nope!

  6. This is great. :) I, too, thought it sounded like refreshing, but I'm not sure I would've gotten that if Pete hadn't mentioned it. Good goin', Pete.


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