Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sweethearts and Monsters

So . . . my children, in my opinion (ha! the unbiased opinion of a mother), are really good kids. I am comfortable going to public places with them. They don't throw public temper tantrums or have meltdowns. They are not the best at sitting still during sacrament meeting at church, and they can become (in my opinion) complete hellions between dinner and bedtime.

Recently, they've been particularly difficult.

I know, I know. They had a new baby sister born, so mommy is giving them less attention.

They were moved to a new state, leaving behind their grandparents and lots of friends.

They have been on vacation twice for very long periods of time. Vacation is great for adults, but very disruptive for children who love routine.

I thought that maybe they were being overstimulated by television and computer games, because they've been having more screen time while I've been tired and taking of Alice. So, we've limited media to music and books this week.

We also decided maybe they needed more sleep, so we tried putting them to bed earlier.

They were asleep by 6:30.

Jeff and I just sat across the family room staring at each other, wondering what to do with all of the free time we had while we weren't wrestling our children into bed. Pretty nice!

So, do you have any advice on how to help your children be nice? And not kick you? :) Should I just be patient and wait it out?


  1. ha ha! I love this post. Parenting, am I right? I think it probably is a little of all of those things, and I think summertime is just hard because the days are so long and busy and hot and the sun just won't go down and then it gets up so early again. I think giving them more sleep, and staying consistent with your discipline and routine, and waiting it out as patiently and lovingly as you can are really the main things you can do. They'll adjust and get older and mature, every day they do that just a little bit more. It's hard to see when you're staring at it from so close, but it's happening! :) Good luck, being kicked is no fun at all.

  2. I don't believe any of you ever kicked, I do remember one who did like a good head each evening, very scary.

  3. sort of loses the point without the word "but" between head and each.

  4. I love that Jill is wearing a "Mommy's Little Angel" shirt and Danny is wearing a monster shirt. Parenting is such a ride. As soon as you think you have it figured out, everything changes. Sleep is such a commodity at our house. If Brady gets to little he is a totally different (read: horrible) little boy. He definitely still needs his afternoon nap. No doubt about it, Having just come out of the "newborn coma" of sleep deprivation I can relate. I'm pretty sure I deserved a time out or two for the way I acted when I was tired. You are a great mom to your kids. Some stages just plain stink!

    1. And that was most definitely Brooke. Haha.

  5. Sleep begats sleep. Nap time/rest time is so important for my two little ones. Ammon will be 5 in December and he still naps probably 4/7 days. He's allowed lots of books, but must stay on the bed and quiet for about an hour. I don't sweat it if he doesn't fall asleep, but I think he is happier when he does. Sarah still naps for about three hours. If they take good naps, they go to bed better every time!

  6. I often needed a nap as much, if not more, than you kids when you were little. Getting a nap as a mom is precious indeed! Having at least one kid napping is wonderful! I still love bedtime. Sleep is my friend. We have a good relationship.


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