Saturday, June 29, 2013

A New Year

My birthday was this past week. In elementary school, a June birthday meant that I never got to go to school on my birthday and bring treats. Although, I do remember every now and then having a teacher who sought a way around this. One had all the summer birthdays celebrated on the last day of school. Another teacher assigned "unbirthdays" to all of the summer birthdays. My half birthday is December 26, so that didn't work for an unbirthday to be celebrated at school, so I was just assigned one randomly: March 1. That was as good a day for an unbirthday as any other day. 

A summer birthday also meant that I was often on vacation for my birthday. This was usually fun.

One thing I always liked about my birthday, though, is how it is almost exactly in the middle of the calendar year. I feel that it is a good time to sit down and evaluate how I am doing so far. I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions, but I still do want to improve.

2013 has been a pretty busy year for me. I have sold a house, moved twice, had a baby, gone on vacation, gone on a road trip from Ohio to Utah and back, seen all of my siblings and all of my husband's siblings, and even made dinner a few times.

I am not pleased with how I've been doing in terms of losing my temper, but I feel like I am getting a better handle on dealing with three children, so I hope to see improvement in that area soon.

I am slightly tired by how much energy it requires to make friends. Everyone here has been so nice and welcoming to me and have made it as easy as possible to make me feel at home, but I still am so worried all the time, that I'll say something wrong, that I'll come across as crass or awkward, or that I'll seem boring. I envy how easily Jill makes friends and how at peace with herself she is. I wish I could be as comfortable in my skin as my four year old is.

Danny decided three days ago that he was done wearing diapers. He's doing pretty good so far and loves wearing his "undie dundies." I kept calling them "panties" by accident, just out of habit from Jill, but I am doing a lot better now in using the more manly term.

We went bowling today. One of my new friends told me about a bowling alley here that has free bowling for kids during the summer. You get two games per day, and you just have to purchase the shoes. It was really fun. Jill actually bowled a strike!! (We had the bumpers up, and she was using a ball slide, but I still found it pretty impressive.)

Jeff leaves on a trip tomorrow. He's going to Santo Domingo. His London trip was postponed. I guess Wimbledon is making the hotels too expensive; something is making them really expensive at any rate. So he gets to go spend time on an island for the next three nights and four days. Wish me luck! I am glad that my first time being at home without him is a short trip.

Here are some pictures from my birthday. It was a great day, and I am excited about being 28! (Check out how mad Alice got at the end. I guess she missed the flame?)


  1. What a nice looking family! Happy birthday!!! My bday is in August and back in the didn't start til the day after Labor Day, so I never went to school on my bday either. I remember when I was in the 2nd grade, all the birthday kids got to go bake their own cake at school. All of us summer bdays, got to make one together on some random day. Also with my bday at the end of the summer, we were always either on vacation or moving. Being on vacation never bothered me, but moving, well, that's another story. Well, enjoy those kiddos of your's!

  2. You ruinied it, Mommy! Why would you blow that beautiful flickering thing out? That is too funny. You look great, you beautiful woman, you! You're gonna rock 28. And having three kids. Can't wait to see you, on MY birthday!!! (It's all about me, see.)

  3. I love your pink cake! I'm glad you had a good birthday and that Jeff was around to celebrate! I love the family pictures. You guys are so cute. You look beautiful!

    1. Jill wanted to do a cake like the one Jeff dropped on my face back when we were dating. :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! You seriously look so fantastic.

    I think it's a difficult thing, growing up and moving on and making new friends. The process doesn't exactly come with an instruction manual lol. But I'm incredibly fond of you, and you have always been a good friend to me. I'm sure there are new people nearby looking for a good friend like you.

    Someone told me once that whatever I wish someone would do to/ for me, that's what I need to do for others. Like, if I wish someone would just randomly show up and say, "Hey, let's go get Jamba Juice," or "Who wants to go see a movie?" or "Let's get ice cream. It's on me." Maybe someone is sitting there thinking, "Gosh, I wish I could be friends with Mimi. She's so beautiful and smart and a great mom." But maybe they're intimidated. Or maybe they're just shy. Or maybe they're having a rough time and don't have the mental strength to try. *shrug* It's still incredibly hard for me to do sometimes, but I think that's the best thing I know to do in making friends.

    1. Thanks, Anna! That is really good advice. :)


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