Saturday, April 27, 2013


Another year has sneaked past me, and I am happy to say that I have been married for seven years! This has been an unusual anniversary for us, however. Jeff is in Africa on his first trip for work, and I am in Nebraska visiting my sister and her family. We both return home on April 30. That will mark the longest we've ever been apart since getting married, twelve days. The nice thing about living in 2013 is that even though my husband is in Zambia, I've been able to video chat with him! Internet is amazing. Lusaka is SO far away, and we can have a real-time conversation. Crazy. Do you ever feel like you're living in a science fiction movie? I do sometimes when I think about all of the technology that I take for granted.

Jeff and I went on respective "dates" for our anniversary. My sister and I went out for lunch and frozen yogurt in downtown Lincoln.  Jeff went on an African safari and pet lions. His was a bit more expensive than my date. :)

And a little trip down memory lane . . .
Gosh. Don't we look like kids? I remember when I was engaged and people would say how young I was, but I didn't feel young. I just felt ready to get married. Now I look at my wedding pictures and think, "goodness we were young!" And I'm not even old now, but we sure were kids back then.

I am really excited to hear more about Jeff's trip. He got to see Victoria Falls on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border. He got to meet the US ambassador for Zambia, and he has tried some new foods. I still can't believe he has touched lions!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two! You'll have to celebrate once you both get back on the same side of the world. Africa! I can't believe it! I'm sure Nebraska is exciting and exotic too- ha. Although I can almost guarantee that flying with three babies is more of an adventure than Jeff will be having on his trip! You are so brave. I'd face lions over that any day.

  2. Well, it was one of the best dates I've been on in a long time. So, call me maybe.


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