Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Acquaintable: Why it is the best

I am thrilled to introduce you to the next big thing.

And what is the next big thing?

Well, it is a fantastic new internet dating website—Acquaintable!

Why do we need another online dating website?
Aren't there tons all ready and quite a few successful ones?

We need another one, because Acquaintable is brilliant! And let me tell you why.

1. Other internet dating websites match you up with complete strangers. You may think that is good, because if you were interested in someone you already knew, you wouldn't need a website. But that is not good, because it can be (at best) unreliable and (at worst) creepy. With Acquaintable, you are matched up with semi-strangers! ;) Everyone you are able to view on the website is a friend of one of your friends. (Acquaintable uses facebook to determine who your friends are and who their friends are.) So you automatically have a trusted source on your new possible romantic interests! Acquaintable will even tell you how many mutual friends you have.

2. Other internet dating websites have no way to ensure that the profile information entered is correct. Acquaintable forces honesty! Since all of its information is garnered from facebook, the profile information on Acquaintable matches the profile information on facebook. So a married or committed person couldn't pretend to be single on Acquaintable. (I think his or her spouse or partner would notice the change on facebook!)

3. It is really simple to use! You won't spend a lot of time answering questions about yourself or filling out surveys that remind you of magazines from when you were a teenager. All of your information comes straight from facebook, so all of your stuff is already on the website. And the way you get matched up is by browsing through other profiles that pop up (who, remember, are all friends of your friends!). You see a few pictures and the basic information: age, location of residence, education, religious affiliation, political beliefs, etc.

4. And all of its basic features are completely free!!! So you can use the money you aren't spending on a dating website to actually go on a date with your new "acquaintance"!

So, single friends, please go check it out!

Also, friends who are not single, please check it out! Your profile will be invisible to other users if your facebook status is listed as "In a Relationship," "Engaged," "Married," "In a Civil Union," or "In a Domestic Partnership." So you don't have to worry about someone falling in love with your fabulous self. ;) You'll be invisible! You'll simply be able to browse the site (and possibly feel awkward about "liking" other profiles), so please do it, so you can give the Acquaintable team feedback on the site. They would really appreciate your help!

Why aren't you already checking out the website? 

Oh, do you need the link?

Here you go!


  1. Nice, you beat me to it. Sooooo, can I just copy and paste yours? Ha ha, kidding. I'll come up with something. :)

  2. Yeah, you did. I clicked on it again randomly, and saw it was completely different! Seriously, did you rewrite this because of my comment???

  3. How did you make that super huge link thingy? Did you do that yourself somehow?

  4. Haha no. I saw your comment after I had finished rewriting it. I rewrote it, because I decided my words were too lame and casual for a website this cool.

    I did make the link. I went to the website and downloaded the logo picture with the "save as" feature. Then I put it on my post and made it extra large. I clicked on the link button to try and make it a link, but that actually unlinked it, so the fact that it was a link on the website that I saved the image from must have made it have some sort of inherent linkness, because when I clicked the link button a second time, it went back to being link without me having to even put in the web address.

  5. Interesting, interesting. See part of the reason I haven't written my blog post yet is that there are no people in my area on the site, so I haven't actually been able to use it, at all. But I guess to fix it I'll have to get my friends to use it, so. There you go. I'll write one in the morning.


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