Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to the family!

I don't want to post too many details, because it doesn't look like the parents have yet on facebook or their blog, but I will say that after seven gorgeous nieces, I finally have a nephew!! Congratulations, Dan and Rachel! I can't wait to meet him in August or September. I will say this though. He is big!

Let's see, what else is going on . . . oh haha. Jeff went to the store Saturday evening to buy ink, because it had finally become really inconvenient to print things off at other people's houses. He came home a while later with a new printer instead! The cost of the printer was less than the cost of the ink, and the new ink cartridges cost $15 less than our old ink cartridges. I'm not sure what to do with our old printer though. It's not broken, so it seems wasteful to throw it away, but who would want a printer that uses $25 ink cartridges ($50 if you're out of color and black)? Any ideas? Is there like a donation center? But would a charity want a printer with expensive ink? I don't know what to do with it. It was funny to see Jeff come home with that big box when all I expected was little ink packages.

Danny loves Elmo all of a sudden. When he says Elmo, it kind of sounds like "Meh-mo." It's pretty sweet. He gets really excited whenever he sees a picture of Elmo anywhere. I should show him the Elmo doll that we gave Jill a few years ago when she was super excited about Elmo. How fun to watch them go through similar stages.

Ha. Speaking of similar stages, guess what I discovered Jill doing? She was putting lip gloss on Danny. He loved it. I don't know if he specifically loved lip gloss, Jill sharing with him, or Jill giving him undivided attention as she tried to keep it on his lips, but whatever the case, he was very happy. He wants to do everything he sees his big sister do. Except use the potty. He freaked out about being put on the potty. It's still way early though, so I'm not concerned.

Jeff has gone to the store tonight to buy a bicep band for his iPhone. (I'm not sure what those are actually called, but he is tired of his iPhone banging around in his pocket while he runs.) I wonder if this will be a repeat of Saturday, and he'll come home with something completely different. He did hint that he hoped there would be cookies baked by the time he got home, so I suppose I should go get on that.

Oh, before I go, my sister's amazing video trailer made me realize I haven't recorded my children in a long time, so I took a video today. Enjoy!


  1. Rachel has posted on facebook now. She wrote, "William Thomas Boling was born today at 5:41. He was 11 pounds, 4 ounces, and 21.5 inches long. And his head was 15.5 inches around. Our biggest baby by a long shot."

  2. Oh my gosh, Jill is so cute! I'm serving in the primary presidency and the kids are learning Nephi's Courage as well, I should teach them the fist punch during the chorus! I love it!

  3. I was so hoping this video would include Jill putting lip gloss on Daniel. I love it when Jill says "water" - is that why you asked her to say that? :) Danny is soooo cute talking! I want to hear him say "Elmo".

  4. I love that video! Ryan watched it with me and sang along with Jill. Your kids are cute, as always!

    Have you ever used I never have, but my mom uses it all the time to get rid of stuff when she's cleaning out. You just list stuff you are trying to get rid of for free. I'm sure someone in your area would take that printer off your hands!

    And last, but certainly not least- 11 pounds! Oh my! 21.5 inches?! I guess he'd have to be to be 11 pounds. What a healthy guy! Congrats to your brother and Rachel! So exciting! I can't wait for pictures.

    p.s. I deleted my comment before bc it posted under Zach's account. My bad.

  5. haha, in Jill's defense, I don't even know how that song is supposed to end. :) i was still very impressed with how much she knew. Your kids are getting so big!


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