Saturday, April 7, 2012


I haven't blogged in a long time, and I decided that I had better blog or people are going to start thinking that I am pregnant. (I am not currently pregnant.) Danny is fifteen months old today. I was thinking about it today and realized that when Jill was fifteen months old, I was already four and a half months pregnant. Danny just seems like such a baby still though. I don't know if it is because he is a baby in comparison to Jill being such a toddler, or if it is because he's done everything at his own not rushed pace—his teeth, his diet, walking, etc. He definitely lets life come to him, then he contemplates it, and then he moves forward. Jill pretty much attacks life, skipping and jumping ahead. Her baby years went too quickly. I am enjoying Danny's. Although when he is screeching at me, I do wish he already had words like his sister did at this age.

My grandpa was able to come and visit us for a week. It was a lot of fun to have him here. Jill and Danny love him! I loved having an extra set of hands around the house, and  I enjoyed hearing stories about Grandpa and Grandma when they were younger. And he ate everything I prepared, even when I didn't think it was very palatable. (When will I ever be a good cook??) While he was here, we went to Krohn Conservatory with some of Jill's friends. It was a fun trip! I liked looking at what plants I was able to see, and the kids just seemed to enjoy having a new place to run around.

This was in March, but we got to go to good old Muncie for a dear friend's baby shower. I'm so excited that one of my high school best friends is going to have a baby! I'm not the only one, haha, any more. She is going to be such a good mommy! Sadly, I forgot to take my camera to the shower, but her sister took some pictures, so I'm sure I'll see those sometime. It was fun to see so many friends again. And funny too, because the shower was in a building that I have only been to once, my freshman year, and it was for a Halloween party, a random one, so there were lots of interesting memories coming back to me. Oh, Muncie. Jeff drove us past my old house. SO many memories there. What a wonderful house. What wonderful years. 

Our Church also had its General Conference recently, where the general leaders of the church speak to the world in lieu of our regular church services. There are six sessions: four general, one for men, and one for girls, their leaders, and their mothers. (Then in the fall there will be one for women.) Each session is two hours long. The prophet will speak a few times, each of the apostles will speak, and then other general authorities and auxiliary leaders will speak, too. I don't remember who gave what addresses, but I came away feeling as though I have it within me to be a better mother than I am currently being. Very empowered. I love General Conference, because I always receive such a great vision of everything that I can achieve, and even though I am currently lacking, I always feel their great love for me and their belief in my potential.

In other news, I haven't been blogging recently, because I've been spending my spare time reading and gardening. I finally read The Hunger Games trilogy. Took me long enough, I know. But I had heard so many things about the violence that I just wasn't sure whether I could read them. For me the message against violence and of how sad it all was came across much stronger than any glorification of violence. 

With gardening, I've been moving plants around that I already had, trying to figure out where I want things, and I've been planting some new flowers that I purchased. I'm excited to see the dahlia. I've never had one of those before. I'm dreaming of mulch. And I've been weeding a lot. My little kitchen garden is all empty and ready to have vegetables planted. (This is another area where my grandfather was very helpful. He sat on the swing in the backyard or followed Danny around and made sure my kids didn't end up in the little water ditch or the street or eating chalk while I dedicated myself to planting and attacking weeds.) It has been a lot of fun to enjoy this beautiful weather.

I've been helping a few friends with gardening as well. Trying to help make the world more beautiful. Pretty flowers and plants make me smile; I hope they do the same for others. One of my friends is letting me be completely bossy and controlling with her yard. Or maybe more just really pushy. Either way, there have been a lot of gardening opportunities for me so far this spring. 

What a glorious spring! I am always filled with so much hope in the spring.


  1. I like how people assume that if you haven't blogged recently, you must be pregnant. That made me laugh. But I guess if you're really faithful about it, like you are (certainly not like I am), then that makes sense.

    We've just had General Conference this weekend (as a branch, I should say, though Sam and I watched a couple of the talks beforehand), so now we're again caught up with the Western Hemisphere Mormons. Wasn't it so great? I need to go back and read the talks.

  2. I am excited to see pictures of your gardening pursuits! We have a flower bed in the backyard that needs something but I don't know where to start. I've missed reading your blog and am happy you are back in action- pregnant or otherwise. :-)

  3. I am excited to see pictures of your gardening pursuits! We have a flower bed in the backyard that needs something but I don't know where to start. I've missed reading your blog and am happy you are back in action- pregnant or otherwise. :-)

  4. Not pushy - encouraging! And I appreciate it! I must say I'm surprised after all the calls and texts from you last week that I haven't heard from you since I sent my text telling you I was ready for flowers! Hahaha!

  5. I never got your text!!! Do you have a fancy phone? My phone can't receive MMS, group, or photo messages, only straight old school SMS. I'm so excited! I'll go call you right now . . .

  6. I wish I had money or time to garden. It sounds so fun. Maybe that is just because you love it. Maybe if I try it, it will feel like work. I guess there is only one way to find out.

    Oh, and I still can't cook. I am beginning to think it's just not in the cards for me.

  7. I can't wait to see you... like, next week!


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