Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Summary

Let's see . . . what happened in February that I never got around to posting.

My brother Dan, sister-in-law Rachel, and niece Emily came to visit. (Rachel got some good pictures.) Emily is Jill's closest-in-age cousin, and they had a lot of fun together! It was impossible to not think of Tabitha, especially with Danny walking/crawling around. Tabitha is Danny's closest-in-age cousin, and we the moms had big plans for them being buddies. Rachel and Dan recently learned that their next child (Rachel is expecting) will be a boy. So Emily's little brother will be the only other (so far) boy cousin in the Boling family, so of course he and Danny will be special buddies, too.

Emily and Jill

My dad got to come down for a short visit as well. My mom spent about a month in Nebraska with my sister, helping her make it through her last month of pregnancy while dealing with two toddlers, a hernia, and migraines. It is always wonderful to have my dad around. He's so fun and helpful.

Danny, Pappy, and Jill

Jill went to a birthday party for one of her friends and had a lot of fun. She has never seen Toy Story, but the party was Toy Story themed, and Jill was pretty impressed by the decorations and goodies. (Well, I think she may have seen a few minutes of it on a display TV at the store once.)

Henry, John, Naomi, and Jill
(It is impossible to have all the children in a photo smiling and looking at the camera. Impossible.)

My sister Amy gave birth to her third daughter: sweet little Heather! I get to meet Heather in April, and I am so excited! You can't tell from this picture, but Heather has a ton of dark hair. I wonder if it will stay dark. Her sisters are such blondes! (Actually, so far all of the Boling grandchildren are blondes (blond for Danny!) or redheads. No brunettes. So, she may be the first!)

Hallie, Hanna, and Heather

One last highlight was our quick trip to Louisville. We drove down one a Friday with my in-laws and brother-in-law. We stayed at a hotel (whose logo is green, so Jill calls it the green hotel) and had fun swimming. (Well, Danny didn't exactly have fun until the very end.) We spent the night there, and then the next morning my brother-in-law Kyle stayed at the hotel watching Jill and Daniel, while Laurie, Daryl, Jeff, and I went and did sealings. It was really wonderful sealing together families for whom we had done their other work. And being together as a family made it even more special. Also, Jeff and I were sealed in the Louisville Temple, so it was cool being back there with him. It was just a really nice trip all together. (If you're not sure what I am referring to when I walk about sealings and temple work but you're curious, click this link.)

Jill and Grandma

And okay, I have been trying to decide whether to post the following or not, because I don't want to embarrass Jill some day, but it is funny, so I'm caving.

We were at a party, and Jill was downstairs in the basement with the other kids. All the parents were upstairs. (In hindsight, perhaps not the best idea.) Jill came upstairs with a panicked face and said she needed to go potty. Unfortunately, she already had gone. Jeff said something to her about not listening to her body and asked what had happened. Jill said, "I was watching a Bug's Life, and I totally peed." Ha. She totally said "totally." Did she get that from me?

Also, I was doing laundry the other day, and Jill and Danny were "helping." (Jill did help for a while, separating socks and underwear from the rest of the clothes.) Jill found one of my sports bras. (Yay! I've been going to the YMCA again!) Jill put my bra on over her clothes, walked up to me, and said, "I guess this is called a cha-cha. Do you like my cha-cha?" Oh my. She definitely did not get that from me.


  1. What a little doll your daughter jill is!! I have read some of your other posts about her, and she says some of the cutest things!! Ya gotta love kids, they truly make the world so much more joyful!!

  2. Did you know I also use the phrase "listen to your body" when I'm talking to Hallie about going potty? How random.

    Also, Heather's roots (you know, the hair that is growing in since she's been born) is pretty light, so I think she will be blonde. Kind of sad to lose all that beautiful black (it is really quite shocking how dark it is) hair.

    And CHA CHA? What have you been exposing that sweet child to?

    Just kidding.

  3. Yeah, you are where I got the idea to say "listen to your body."

    Well, another blonde will be fun. I remember Mom telling me that she was born with dark, dark hair and someone asked Grandma about adoption (I guess she had missed the pregnancy!), but then Mom's obviously was blonde, too.

    Our poor sweet child. ;) Ha.

  4. Yeah, I'm curious as to where she's starting to come up with some of these things, too, lol. I LOVE that she said totally, haha. :)

  5. Tons of babies in your family!! Holy cow!! You better not hold em up....Danny is a year old now :)
    Thanks for sharing jill's sillys!


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