Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two year old Logic

Jeff was recently contacted at work by a local business that had a fire. Apparently, some disgruntled employees (ex-employees now, I'm sure) went in, dismantled one of the video cameras (didn't know about the second one!), tried to disable the sprinklers, piled up papers in the office, and then set them on fire. The business was calling Jeff to get a quote on smoke removal (like the smell of the smoke). Anyway, Jeff came home and told us the story during dinner. I think I said something about how naughty it is to start fires.

Jill was quiet for a bit and then asked, "Were they naked?"

Jeff and I were quiet for a bit, and then I asked, "Did you just say 'were they naked'?"

She nodded yes. Jeff and I continued to stare at her.

Then she sort of sighed and explained, "naughty people are naked." (In a voice that implied this should have been very obvious to us.)

I love having an almost three year old in my house. Although perhaps I have been too strict on the naked rule. A toddler needs to have some fun, right?

On a more sober note . . .

My sister-in-law recently announced that she is expecting. I decided to try and share this information with Jill.

I said, "Jill, Aunt Rachel is going to have another baby."

Jill thought about it, looked at me, and asked, "baby Tabitha?"

I said, "No, Aunt Rachel already has a beautiful baby Tabitha. Remember?"

Jill then said, "Baby Tabitha is dead." She paused and then continued, "we still love her though."

It amazes me what Jill picks up on.

We do still love her.

And I am very excited for my brother, his wife, and my niece!


  1. I LOVE it when they say things that you know they picked up from you, because even their tone and inflection sound exactly the way you know you sound. Not as funny as your story, but tonight at dinner we were just having leftovers and I was going to let Hallie have the last of this soup, and I gave it to her in the container with a spoon and told her just to eat it. A minute later I look over and see her painstakingly scooping one scoop at a time onto her plate (this was soup, remember?) and I said, Hallie, you don't have to put it on your plate, just eat it in the container. And she sighed deeply, and said, "Mommy, that is not how we do it." Strange to be reprimanded about manners by your toddler.

  2. Lol that is hilarious! I cannot stop laughing!!
    Congrats on the new niece :)

  3. Oh yeah that pic of Jill is way too cute. Love your new background too :)


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