Monday, January 16, 2012

"That's impressive."

The other day Jeff did something. I can't remember what. But Jill witnessed his action and said, "that's impressive." Ha. We both thought it was pretty impressive that she said impressive. Have you seen anything impressive recently?

The other day Jill was flipping through a story at the library. On every page, she said, "oh my gosh!" . . . I think I need to start saying "oh my goodness." It is just too weird to hear my two year old saying "oh my gosh." Have you realized recently that you say anything too frequently?

The other day Jill was looking at a library book that had animals in it. She came upon an animal that she had never seen before. After some study, she announced that the animal on that page was a "beaver duck." The animal was a platypus, but isn't "beaver duck" a really good description of that animal? Have you made up any good words recently?

The other day I learned that I have been vacuuming without a vacuum belt. Do you know how dumb that made me feel? I've been doing basically nothing. It is amazing how much dust, etc., comes up out of the carpets when your vacuum has a belt in it! It is pretty gross to keep emptying the vacuum and realizing we've been living and breathing in all this dust and other particles. I wonder how long it hasn't had a belt. Has anything made you feel dumb recently?

And here is a visual representation of happiness!

Recently, Jill has started congratulating Daniel for his accomplishments. "That's so great, Danny!" "Yay for Danny!" "Good job, Danny!" It is pretty sweet. She's his personal cheerleader.

My children are growing up to be best friends, and that makes me really happy.


  1. Not often, but sometimes Hallie or Hanna will say "Darn it". And I tell myself to stop saying that! Or I will drop something and say it (I really really hate dropping things right now) and Hallie will say, "Mommy, why did you say those words?" oops...

    Hallie and Hanna were helping Devin mop tonight (took a video, will put it on youtube... soonish) and Devin warned them the floor would get wet and to be careful. Hallie said it would be like when it rains. And so Hanna kept telling us it was raining. "Bit a bit raining." She kept saying, which means "It's raining a little bit." in Hanna speak. And she kept putting her hand out like, just a little mom, just a little rain. I can't wait for you guys to see her. She never stops talking. Neither does Hallie. Phew. Neither do I, apparently.

  2. Lol I cannot stop laughing out loud seriously!! A beaver duck- that's awesome! Even my husband is laughing!!
    Oh hi max :)

  3. That ice cream cone looks familiar. I've seen one just like it somewhere before. It looks better in Danny's hand than it did in mine! Dad and I have talked about how much we enjoyed the Burger King lunch several times since. Who knew Burger King ... sweet memories ... oh, I know, its the sweet mama and babies we were with!

  4. lol, have I done anything dumb lately? all the time. I have also vacuumed when the belt has broken. All it does it spit things around and make more of a mess. bever-duck, gotta love it!!!


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