Monday, January 30, 2012

Never-ending Chives

I remember last spring, the first plant to come up was chives. It was great to already have a fresh vegetable to use in the kitchen so early in the year! Well, spring went. Summer passed. Fall flew. And I was surprised to see I still had chives growing in October. And in November. In December, I used them in a dish I took to a Christmas party. Now it's January, and I am still able to go outside and pick some fresh chives to throw in a salad.

This has been the strangest winter. So mild. I almost feel like I live in the South instead of the Midwest.

I have felt all winter like I am "waiting for the other shoe to drop." (Is that the right expression?) Like any minute now, a blizzard will hit and Jill might actually use her snow pants for the first time all season.

We did have one ice storm, but then it was 50 degrees the next day, and it all melted. Today it got up to 60, and it is supposed to again tomorrow. The only bad part about a warm winter is that I look at my yard and feel like I need to go weed it.

Jill and our next-door neighbor, Mikey, enjoying the mild weather

My spring flowers are a little confused this winter. They started coming up in December. I can't wait to see their blooms! My friends, family, and I spent a lot of time and effort planting all of them!

If someone gave me a few hundred dollars for no specific purpose: I would buy mulch. Lots of it.

What a weird winter. :) I hope you've had a nice winter!


  1. Your chives sound like my parents' tomato plants. They planted two or three of them about five years ago, and since then they haven't had to plant anything and are swimming in tomatoes by the end of each season.

  2. So you're back to the old format, eh?

    We have had four days in the 70s so far this winter. Not in a row, but I think that's how many times we've hit that warm spot.

    I also have spring flowers coming up. They are so confused!!

  3. Yeah, at the end of the day, I just really missed my archives. And my blog list. Because the private blogs don't show up in my Reader list. I don't think I can follow them that way.

  4. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, too! (I trust your use of the expression!) I have lived in Cincy my whole life, and I don't remember ever having such a mild winter. I kind of want it to dump snow on us before we move to Charlotte, and I rarely see snow again!

  5. Whatever the furthest (farthest?) thing from a green thumb is, that's what I have. I think it's so nifty that you can not only GROW things in your very own yard, but you can eat them, and partially subsist off of them! Go Meems, go! :) If they bloom this early, though, does that mean they'll die for good if there's another frost? I really don't know how this works lol.


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