Saturday, December 31, 2011

Collett Family 2011 Review

Some of you may have already received this in the mail, but here it is for everyone else and simply for preservation's sake!

This year included one family wedding, two family vacations, three different vehicles, four cavities, and five years completed of marriage (our fifth anniversary was in April). Teething has been more difficult than we remembered, and potty training has been more exasperating than we expected. Jeff is the ward mission leader at church and still works at Citywide Maintenance. Mimi is still the visiting teaching coordinator and spends most of her day trying to entertain her children—sometimes succeeding. Unforgettable from 2011 was this spring’s frequent flooding of the basement along with the sewer pipe leaking into our crawlspace.

All things considered though, we have been very blessed. Trips this year took us to Nebraska, Michigan, South Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. We’ve also had many people visit us, which we love and hope continues in 2012.

Daniel Wells Collett surprised us all by arriving exactly one month early; he was born on  January 7. He has progressed a lot this year and is currently in the early stages of walking and babbles quite a bit. He loves food that he can pick up with his hands, and he is always very interested to see what his big sister is up to. We feel really blessed that he and Jill get along so well together. He seems to understand a lot of what we say to him. Other than contracting the chicken pox and the croup and forgetting how to sleep, he is a very easy baby who is happy almost all the time. He brings a lot of joy into our home. Jeff and Mimi both agree that his first official word is “kitty.”
Jill Halley Collett turned two in April. Thanks to her grandma, she has been able to meet Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang, as well as see Mickey on Ice. It is pretty cute to see how excited she gets at these shows. She was a pirate for Halloween and made sure her brother was one, too! She can spell her name now, almost count to twenty, and recite the alphabet. She has been a busy girl this year with swimming and gymnastics lessons, story time at the library, and a joy school with her friends. So far she seems to have inherited her mother’s love for singing and reading and her father’s ability to remember names. She never forgets a friend, and she has a lot of them!


  1. We got ours in the mail today!! Love you, love your cute family.

  2. I did not get this in the mail :(
    But glad to see it on here :)
    Every one of those pictures are super cute!!


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