Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas with the Sharks

As an early Christmas present, Laurie took Danny and Jill (and me!) to the Newport Aquarium. I had never been there before, and there were lots of cool exhibits. Jill was very impressed by Scuba Santa, and Laurie was impressed that the digital copy of the photos was only $5 extra! (Yay!) Jill really liked the sharks and the penguins. Danny just liked pretty everything. He was even nonchalant about a bird pooping on his head. (Yeah, there was a bird exhibit at the aquarium.) Jill enjoyed feeding the bird the sweet nectar drink; although a bird did steal the cup from her and then dropped it. Bummer.

Jill and Danny aren't really smiling in the picture below, but that seems pretty appropriate since the photographer caught a shark swimming past. They do look slightly apprehensive, don't you think? As if they knew . . . :)

Have any of you been to an aquarium recently? The octopus and jellyfish really were insane looking up close. And there were a few ocean creatures that looked like they could have walked right out of a nightmare.


  1. Very appropriate facial expressions. grandpa H

  2. That looks like so much fun! Was that guy really scuba diving back there? He's not a photoshopped Santa? That's crazy!


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