Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teeth have arrived!

Daniel's two bottom teeth poked out through his gums yesterday. Fabulous. :)

Jill's wildest dream finally came true, and they let her join their family! But after about two seconds, we wanted her back. :) And the strange blur next to Michael is a jogger that I decided to only spend about one second trying to remove. I did not feel like opening Photoshop and trying to do a nicer job. It's only 6 in the morning after all.

She looks good with them though, doesn't she? tee hee

And Jill just has always looked really cute while eating lollipops.

In other family news, we are leaving in just over an hour to drive to Myrtle Beach! The sad part is that I think Cincinnati might be warmer than Myrtle Beach this weekend. It is supposed to be in the 80s here! What an October. :) Oh well. We'll still enjoy Jeff not being at work, playing in the sand, looking at the ocean, and swimming in the pool. Jill has been asking us to go to the beach for a long time, and the time is finally here. (Although she still does occasionally tell me that she is going to Pennsylvania. Haha. That trip will never be forgotten!)

And after Myrtle Beach, Jeff will come back to the grindstone, but the kids and I will join my mama for more fancy vacation in Virginia and then a wedding in West Virginia at Harpers Ferry! Yay!


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the second picture of Jill eating the lollipop lol! SOOO cute! And I don't think I would've noticed the blurred jogger if you hadn't pointed it out, haha. :) Yay for family vacations! Have a ball playing on the beach!

  2. Daniel has the sweetest smile! :D and goodness what baby doesn't just look SO cute with a lolli! :D

  3. YAY for teeth! I want Jill in my family... can she come out here for our family pictures too? I'm sort of not kidding.

    Love you guys.

    Have fun on your vacations! Mom was telling me about them yesterday, give Miranda a huge hug for me!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures, Mimi. Jill looks great in any family, but still like her best with her mama and daddy, and her brother. Those were the days, when the lolly pop was almost as big as the boy. Have a great trip! Love, grandpa H.

  5. Also, you guys look SO GOOD in that family picture on the bridge thing, but why are you so close to the water? Looking at it again just now I got scared you would fall in. I mean, I know that won't happen because it didn't happen, but you're awful close to the water!

  6. nice famly pics! dd you take the pics of the whitneys? you are really good!


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