Saturday, October 15, 2011


We are finally back from our fantastic wanderings, and a longer post will soon appear, but for now I am exhausted, yet I really wanted to share these pictures! So here's a short post.

Remember how last post I wrote that Jill has just always looked really cute while enjoying a lollipop?

Tee hee.

Here is Jill enjoying her lollipop on the beach our last night there.

Here is Jill right after she dropped her lollipop on the beach. 
Not her cutest moment. But pretty funny!
(Even the wind played a role in making this picture extra awesome.)


  1. Awesome photo. Did she keep eating her sucker after it fell? That would be hardcore.

    So, thanks for the post... now go read my blog. :) Just kidding. Rest, write a nice long post, and THEN go read my blog.

  2. super cute! how lucky you got to go to the beach- can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!


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