Monday, October 17, 2011

Inexpensive Halloween Decorations

I have not done anything yet to decorate my house for Halloween, but luckily one of my cats has taken care of that for me!

This week, Chloe has blessed our home with two dead mice and . . . *drum roll* a disembodied squirrel head. Delightful. What is more Halloween than rotting, creepy carcasses?

I am really surprised by the squirrel though. Maybe it was sick and old or something. Or maybe Chloe is just an amazing huntress. We discovered that one last night, and in the dark we were thinking large mouse or maybe a mole, but upon closer investigation, it was definitely just a squirrel head.


Why spend money on jack-o-lanterns, fake cobwebs, and ghost cut-outs when my cat will bring stuff home for free??

Because I like you, no photos have been included in this post.


  1. The worst I can complain about is when Bubbles showed up at the back door during our dinner & wanted in. He had a mouse in his mouth. We stared at him getting ready to eat it before deciding to close the blinds and spare Emily (and me) from seeing the mouse die. Definitely not as bad as a squirrel head.

  2. Did I never leave a comment on this? My computer must not have let me because I know I meant to. Although now I can't remember what I would have said, and it's too late at night for me to come up with another comment. I did write a blog post about this though.


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