Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drool, flowers, and other things

Well, it's been a while! I took something of a computer hiatus this past month. I immediately regretted it when I discovered how many e-mails were waiting for me to wade through upon my return. On the plus side though, I did read 15 books in this past month, including the entire Harry Potter series, so these were not all short books. Good times. A bit of escapism, if you will. But other great things have happened this past month as well.

For example, I managed to catch a perfect droplet of drool as it departed from Danny's mouth. Who knows if I'll ever get that lucky again?

I am so tired of drool. Ha. Not much you can do about it at this stage though!! And he's such a happy baby. Hard to begrudge him some moistness.

So, I guess one big thing is that Danny made it past his half birthday! He completed six months on July 7. Yay rah! I'm sure I say this all the time, but time sure flies!

I turned 26 on June 26. I've heard it said that this is my "golden" year. Too bad for Danny. He was born on a 7th, so he won't remember his "golden" year. Jill has a 25th birthday, so she'll remember hers! I am completely prepared for awesomeness. :)

One of my favorite flowers I enjoy in my yard bloomed just in time for my birthday: morning glories. Aren't they pretty? Last year I had white ones and pink ones, but this year they have only come up pink. I guess the white ones didn't make it through the winter.

Some of our fantastic friends from our Provo days paid us a visit over the Fourth of July weekend. They're currently in training, preparing for two years in China! Pretty exciting. Jill loved having them here. She is still asking me where they are and why they aren't going to the pool with us.

She really loved having Finn (the dog). He is so big! It was nice to have a dog to take advantage of our lovely large back yard.

And I am happy to say that this dog did not get lost, like the last dog that stayed in our backyard. (That was a horrible experience!)

This isn't the best picture of Finn, as you can't really see him. But he's a poodle golden retriever mix (a golden doodle) and quite large.

We went to some of the parks in the heart of the city while they were here, and for the first time, Danny was not in the spotlight. People kept coming over to see the dog! :) When asked "Oh, how precious! How old is he?" I had to stop myself before I said how old Danny was, because they wanted to know how old Finn was! He was definitely the center of attention. And worthy of it!

This one I just had to share, because sometimes Jill wakes up with truly awesome hair. I don't know if this photo does it justice, but it is sticking almost completely straight up.

And this one is just to show off Danny's eyes. He has really big eyes. Or perhaps he has normal eyes that he always has wide open, not wanting to miss a thing.

So, I guess you haven't really missed much while I haven't been blogging. I have two happy, healthy, beautiful children. My husband has a job. We have paused a bit in fixing our house's problems. It has been really hot. I've read some great books. Jill is a walking song book. Danny is getting good at sitting up. That's all, folks!


  1. I can't believe you read so many books in one month! How on earth do you have the time??
    This post was way too cute! I love the pics of the kids :)

  2. I'm so excited we made your blog! I feel famous.

    Seriously, though, we had so much fun. Thanks for having us and for letting us bring our puppy along. :)

    Also, remember how my ear hurt on Sunday and Monday? I went to the ER Tuesday night and had an ear infection so bad they were worried I was well on the way to meningitis! Random, huh?


  3. Mimi, I am so, so, SO glad that my dreams of seeing your & Jeff's beautiful blue-eyed babies has come true. :) LOVE the pictures.

  4. hey babe. LOVE the drool shot. so um, Hanna STILL drools so much that she soaks her shirt. I really thought we'd be through this by now... but in her defense, she has only four teeth left to go and I'll take early teething ANY DAY. Let's get it done. :)

    We can't wait to see you guys in September. Daniel better not get any bigger until then. Pause button, kiddo. Same for you Jill.

  5. I love Jill's bedhead. I can relate. Daniel's eyes are awesome. So big and so blue. I am jealous of your friends and their visit! I'm glad you had a fun time! That drool shot is classic. Pretty much frameable.

  6. i can't believe you captured the drool so perfectly!

  7. Awesome hair, awesome eyes, awesome dog, awesome drool - what more could a blog share? Loved the pictures. Almost I am tempted to grow my hair a little longer, open my eyes a little wider, get another dog and wait I drool like every night.


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