Monday, June 6, 2011

End May with a Bang!

Summer has finally come to my part of the world, and it has come with a heat wave. I really did not get as much wonderful spring as I usually like to have. It was just rain, rain, rain and cold and now all of a sudden it's in the nineties. Hot. Humid. Muggy. Buggy. Summer is here! (We did have a few really lovely days in the middle of last week, so I can't complain too much. And one of these days I will gather the courage to go to the pool with Jill and Daniel. I think I'll need a third arm . . .)

Here is what else happened to finish up May!

I gained a sister.
Or did Jeff lose a brother? ;)

Jill got to wear a gorgeous tutu from Tangerine Tutus.

I found my twin!

Cyanne is finally officially Auntie Cy, and we all couldn't be happier! They were sealed May 28 in the Columbus Ohio Temple. Yes, the temple where I didn't get married five years ago. So many memories at that temple!!

Jill and Daniel sported some patriotic gear courtesy of Bunny.

Jill's Grandma had a birthday party at her special picnic!
(It was actually a church picnic for our ward, but my father-in-law was the ward clerk at the time and made the reservations. For whatever reason, the sign outside the pavilion said "Collett Church Picnic" instead of "Eastgate Ward" or "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." ;)

I found another twin! Am I lucky or what?


  1. The end of May was crazy here, too! The last week was just killer--in the high 90s with about 60% humidity every day, at least. And of course this lasted the whole time my parents were here visiting, and now it's back to being gorgeous--warm, a little humid, but mostly wonderful. The weather's just funny like that, I guess. :)

  2. That's how I felt about Spring.

    I LOVE your purple outfit.

    And that TUTU is FANTASTIC!!! Did you order it on Etsy or did you just call Mindee personally and order it? Does that make sense? Was it one from her Etsy page or did you personalize it for this occasion?

    You guys look sooo good.

  3. She did make it specifically for Jill, but I did buy it on the website. So both. ;)

  4. Yeah for a new sister! Jill and Daniel look so cute on their patriotic outfits.

  5. Looks like a beautiful wedding. I'm really glad I got to know your new sister in law a little bit before they left.
    Your outfit for the wedding is awesome!! If I ever get as skinny as you innate to borrow it!!


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