Friday, April 15, 2011

Mimi did it!

Disclaimer: This post will be along the same lines as my sister's BRAGGfest post she did last month. I can't link to it, or I'll turn myself into a semi liar. So that is why there is no link. Just know that, yes, I am copying her post topic, but at times perhaps originality is not necessary. :)

When Jill successfully does something she deems to be great, such as climbing on something new, she is very likely to exclaim "Jill did it!" I find it very endearing how she recognizes her accomplishments.

Many children do the same thing as Jill (except they say their own names!).

Why don't adults?

We do some pretty cool things, too. Perhaps we don't try to walk along the edge of the couch, but adults can be awesome, too.

I had a moment today where I felt like exclaiming "Mimi did it!" And it made me look back and think of other occasions when I have felt that way.

  • Today I planted a rose bush and a tree. It felt awesome. I've never planted either of those things before, and I honestly thought I wouldn't be strong enough to dig the hole. Granted, I did fall completely on my bum once during a shoveling mishap, but I dug two great holes, and now I have a tree and a rose bush planted. Mimi did it!
  • In ten days, Jeff and I will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. I know that some people were surprised by how quickly we decided to get married, but it has been a wonderful five years full of fun and a lot of growth. I'm definitely a different and better person. Jeff and Mimi did it!
  • I feel like giving birth was impressive enough to make this list. Mimi did it! Twice!
  • I made varsity my freshman year and started every single soccer game of my high school career. I played in the midfield position, and I was scoreless my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. I remember how absolutely amazing it felt to score my first goal my senior year. I think I ended up scoring three that season, but I'd have to check my journal to be sure. Regardless of what my final total was that first goal felt so good. Mimi did it!
  • As some of you may know or have noticed, I have a . . . not regular relationship with food. It hasn't always been a healthy relationship, and I was really picky. One facet of this relationship was an avoidance of meat. (And I was not the kind of vegetarian that was smart and got protein and other nutrients from other sources; I just didn't like meat.) However, after I got married, it became apparent that I would need to learn how to cook meat for my husband and eventually my children. A few months after our wedding, I made my first meatloaf. I did not necessarily enjoy the experience of thrusting my hands into a bowl of ground beef and mixing in the other ingredients, but it felt really good to know that I could do it regardless of how I felt about it—that my will could be stronger than my natural inclinations. Mimi did it!
  • I made a pretty cool book for my grandmother in which I typed her yearly letters that began back in the fifties. I also typed family histories her father had compiled and scanned old photos. It took me three years to get together, but aside from some mistakes and typos, it is fantastic. And it was really, really fun to present it to her and the family. Mimi did it! (I'm now on stage 2 of a book compiling the life history of my other wonderful grandmother. I hope it doesn't take me three years again! But I do have two children now . . .)
  • I graduated from college with a major, a minor, and almost a second minor (two classes shy) in only three years. I worked really hard for that. Mimi did it!
  • When Jeff is not home, I can now kill or remove bugs that I find. In fact, I removed one today. Mimi did it!
  • Granted, I don't remember this achievement, but watching Jill figure it out made me realize how cool it is that I can walk. It's harder than you think. Mimi did it!

So, yeah. I am really excited about planting that tree and the rose bush. I hope to enjoy nice shade and beautiful flowers later this summer. (Although I may have to position myself really low to the ground to actually be under the shade. Don't envision me planting a behemoth of the plant variety.)

What have you accomplished lately or forever ago? Or what goals are you currently working on? If you have neither to share, then hey you! Stop being lazy and make some goals! ;D

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  1. Lol I do feel like that anytime I accomplish anything! Like sewing a dress..... That's what blogs are for- ha!
    I'm glad Jill knows she's awesome :)

  2. It was really weird to look at the title of that video and wonder why I didn't remember Jill coming to visit and swimming. Sigh. I don't live there anymore.

    What would have made you a semi-liar? Soooo curious.

    Love your list! Go Mimi go!

    I do need to get off my lazy butt and make some goals!

    Goal number one:
    Be like Mimi.

  3. I actually have a label on my blog called "Mom did it" just for these occasions! I love feeling like I've done something amazing! :D

  4. I've noticed that each year there seems to be fewer things that Ben can do. However, at 86 years and counting, I can still set goals and reach some of them. My latest, Income Tax Returns. It was touch and go this year, but, "Ben did it!" I worked on it until midnight, and each time I started, my computer would hang up - quit accepting data. I gave up at midnight and went to bed. At 3:00am I woke up with a feeling that, "it had to be done." So I gave it one more try. Euricka! It worked. (I think my problem was the computer my computer was talking to. It was overloaded with so many people trying to get in before the deadline. At 3:00 am it was less crowded. Any way, "Ben did it." Thanks Mimi, for giving me a chance to "crow about it". Love, grandpa H. P.S. I also got to hold my 21st great grand baby when she was 4 hours old. How many can out-brag about that? "Ben did it."


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