Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Showers

April showers had better bring May flowers! There must be some reward for enduring all of the water we have been graced with. Sigh. Our basement flooded again. But here's the positive spin—it flooded in a different way! So that means we did fix the old problem. The water had to find a new way to enter in. This time, the water came from underneath the house. The ground was so saturated with water that water began coming up through the ground into our crawl space under the water barrier. From there, it seeped out into our utility room and basement closet.

We caught it relatively quickly, so even though we extracted and pumped over 150 gallons from our crawl space much less carpet was wet this time. Which is fantastic. We did decide that the carpet padding that got wet a second time should probably be retired, so we're going to have to get some new carpet padding before the carpet is re-stretched. I now know what a difference carpet padding makes.

I must add how grateful we are to have amazing friends who lend us things like a professional grade water extractor, flashlights (Jill makes sure all of the batteries are dead in ours!), a portable water pump, etc. We were also grateful for the donation of their muscles in breaking up part of the sidewalk behind our house and digging a very large hole in the ground and then patching weak spots in the foundation. We even found the old septic line.

I am grateful for sewers.

The two places that flooded (the basement closet and utility room) have the only two doors in the house with child proof knobs on them, meaning that they are filled with goodies I want to keep Jill away from. She has enjoyed having many of these items strewn about the house as we emptied the room and closet to get in and fight the water. I am used to her wandering around and playing by herself a lot when I am doing chores or feeding Daniel. The other day, she came up to me saying "lotion" and holding a bottle of scratch cover up for the body of a car. Ha. Not lotion. Sigh. At least she didn't eat it!

Speaking of eating (or drinking in this case), Daniel cries a lot when I drink milk. I miss milk. I wonder if he will be able to drink milk when he is older.

Outfit Credits: Jill's Jumper is from Amy Whitney, Jill's white shirt was made by my mother,  
and Daniel's snazzy outfit is a gift from my mother-in-law

Jill went to the dentist for the first time.  She was amazing! I really didn't think she would handle it so well, but she did. I do have to give accolades where they are due—the dental hygienist was amazing! She was perfect at putting Jill at ease and explaining everything to Jill.

Jill still has four more teeth to come (her two year molars). We also learned why she has a gap between in her front teeth. I don't remember the term for it though.

Aren't those fun sun glasses? I couldn't believe how long she kept them on. The hygienist gave them to her so Jill wouldn't mind the light.

Alas, the sun glasses stay at the dentist's office, but they'll be waiting there for her next time! And maybe I can find a pair that she will actually wear. I love having dental insurance. It was just added the first of this month, and I love it!

And the most exciting news is that Jill and Daniel have a new cousin to love and play with!

Tabitha Grace has stolen Daniel's crown as youngest Boling grandchild. She arrived late Sunday night (almost Monday!) at just over 9 1/2 pounds and right at 19 1/2 inches long. (Today is Tabitha's due date, so the doctors did a good job at guessing!)

The title of youngest grandchild has never lasted long in my family though, so we'll see how long Tabitha gets to keep it. Amy? Haha. Just kidding. Perhaps Tabitha will have a nice long reign. ;)

Tabitha and her mommy are both already home from the hospital and doing great!

I can't wait to meet my newest niece! After how many boys we had in my generation of grandchildren, I don't think I could ever get tired of girls!

Congratulations, Dan and Rachel.


  1. You mean you aren't having another one right around the corner? Lol
    When are you going to see your newest niece? Sad to be far away from family, only one of my siblings have met max.
    I love my kiddos dentist too! Maybe it's a pediatric dentist thing :) I wish he saw kids though!
    Sorry about your water. Is it all fixed now??

  2. I was just thinking as I read your paragraph "no one in this family gets to keep that crown for long" and then you wrote Amy and I thought you meant that I had had it for a long time, and was so confused, but now I get it. We'll just have to see, I guess!! :)

    Also, I did talk to Devin's mom about the gap teeth thing, and we'll talk about that sometime.

  3. Interesting thing about water. It's always a jump ahead of us. No matter how we think it will come in next, it surprises us. Well, I like to think, "We can't get along without it, so maybe we'll just try to get along with it." Water does so many great things for us, we can probably put up with it's shenanigans when it get's playful. Drink a glass of it cold and swim in a pool of it warm, and it seems easier to get along with. love, grandpa H.


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