Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Definition of Tired

Currently, to me the definition of tired is not paying a bill because I am out of stamps and then noticing after a period longer than a week that the envelope I have to pay the bill in is not only self addressed but also requires no postage if mailed in the United States.

They're eager to get their money I guess.

And I'm slow on the uptake. It even said in the letter (that I read) that the envelope was stamped.


(I also recently tried to put the cereal in the refrigerator and the milk in the cupboard, but that could happen to anyone.) :)

So . . .

What is your favorite or most current definition of tired?


  1. lol the video is too cute! i can't believe how much she is growing up just in the past few weeks!
    tired to me is never wanting to walk the letter to the mailbox- lol

  2. Um my favorite definition of stressed is, "waking up in the middle of the night screaming only to realize you never went to bed."

    and I think my favorite moment of extreme exhaustion was just after Hallie was born and Devin had gone back to work and mommies were gone and I was cleaning up, trying to multitask. I think I put the trash in the fridge and my laundry in the trash.


  3. Reading this makes me tired for you! I remember those days. I am not my best self when I am tired. Tired for me was walking to the park with Zach, Ryan and Brady and getting so mad about something that I ditched Ryan and Zach and went home without telling them. When I got home I took Brady with me to bed and took a nap. I'm not proud about it, but I'm not sure I would take it back. That nap was definitely necessary for my sanity.

    Here's to hoping you have some good naps in your future!

    *I love the video of Jill. You have cute kids. :)

  4. Not opening your eyes to pee... then realizing you're peeing on the lid lol. :)

  5. haha!! My kids put the milk in the pantry twice this week! My definition of tired right now is trying to call two of my kids and needing to say it four times before I could get the right ones out!

    if you ever need a break I would be happy to come and watch them while you get some mommy time. jlmk

    The video is absolutely adorable- she says his name so well! I miss seeing her walking out to the mailbox with you!


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