Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yeah, more pictures

So . . . I know. I have posted a lot recently, but there are lots of cute pictures to share!!

To show you that Jill does like Christmas and her Christmas dress, here is proof of a smiling, happy Jill. Apparently it is just Santa that she is a bit afraid of. We'll have to practice for next year. Although that will be a little difficult, because we don't know many men with long snowy white beards.

She loves the Christmas tree. She has broken two Christmas ornaments so far. One was a beautiful angel made of salt crystals formed from the Great Salt Lake. I was a little sad to see that one break, but she didn't do it on purpose. She was trying to get it off the tree, but it was too high for her to really remove, so she was just tugging on it. (I had meant for it to be too high for her to reach period. Sigh.) So, she's a strong tugger, and it snapped at the waist.

The second ornament was at her grandma Collett's house. She dropped an ornament on the kitchen floor, and it shattered. 

We had quite a display of Christmas ornament breaking this evening. Fifteen month old Santiago crushed one IN HIS HANDS. Impressive, yes? I am glad he did not cut himself.

The cats have been really good about the tree. However, Cosmo did almost strangle himself in the lights once, but they have never tried to climb it still and they mostly leave it alone.

Here is a picture with all of us. I love the faces Jill makes these days!! Jeff is holding her, but I think in the picture it almost looks like she is sitting on my belly and propping herself up with her arm on my shoulder. That would have been painful, so I am glad that is not what is really happening.

We are getting a lot of votes on our poll—thank you! I will reveal in a few days which reaction was whose.

Let's see . . . I only have six Christmas presents left. One of Jeff's brothers is proving difficult. I am almost done making Emily's, and I need to make Rachel's, Mindee's, Poppa's, and Gigi's presents still. It feels really good to be so close to done! Now I just need to make sure to make them. :)

I am getting excited for our Wisconsin trip. I wish more of my family could have made it, but I hope to see the rest this summer perhaps if Pete and Mindee can make it to Michigan. We'll see.

My mom said I could plan the menu for Wisconsin, and I don't have official permission for being activities director, but I'm assuming no one will fight me for that position, so I am having a lot of fun thinking of things for us to do. Well, fun for my family. :) They may not be fun for yours!! 

Wow, I don't know how my blog looks on your screen, but on mine the three funs I typed above are all stacked on top of each other. My text design teacher would have docked me for that!

What else . . . Oh yes. Laurie made a Christmas booklet for all of her boys back in 2003 that has a scripture, Christmas song, and Christmas story for every day in December. I've been reading that every evening before I go to bed and am really enjoying it. This truly is a wonderful time of year when people do such nice things for each other.

Okay, I'll end this post with a picture, well three pictures, of Daniel Wells making my belly look bigger!


  1. Oh wow! For some reason, you look SUPER young in that last picture... like, braces fresh off young lol. Lucky Jeff! Little did he know his wife would age so well! ;)
    I feel like I say the same thing for all your pictures of Jill - too cute!

  2. I love all the pictures! Keep 'em coming! Good for you being so proactive on your Christmas presents! I still have a long ways to go...

    I wish we could work on them together!

  3. Haha, I selfishly wish we could work on them together! One present was something that I painted, and I miss the access to your spray that you would always spray on stuff after you painted it. It seems wasteful to buy a whole bottle for just one small item. We'll see if I cave.

    And, of course, it was fun to do them with you because you got more excited about things than Jeff does. Sigh. :)

  4. ooooo totally cute pregnancy pictures!!! what a good idea! now that i am done i am wishing i had more belly pictures.
    i too am loving all of jill's faces lately!
    does your voting poll show you who voted for what??

  5. I love that first picture, her little smile is so adorable and her dress and shoes are so cute! You're belly is pretty cute too, I'm excited to see the little guy inside. :0

  6. You look so pretty in that last picture, in the white sweater. And I love your shoes.

    AND I LOVE JILL'S FACE!! I get to see it in a few weeks, and I can't wait. I hope she gets cozy with us fast.

    Please, like anyone is going to fight you for activities chair person! Go ahead, plan us!!


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