Tuesday, December 28, 2010

There and Back Again—A Holiday Tale of Online Shopping

Oh, the joys of online purchasing for gift giving. I ordered an item of clothing. It came in the mail in the wrong size. I checked the order form, and it was their mistake—not mine. I called, and they were very accommodating. They put the correct size in the mail that day, and I mailed them back the wrong size. They refunded my money for my return shipping and didn't charge me for the second shipping. The item of clothing was here a week before Christmas. Happy story!

Today I came home to a package on my doorstep. They mailed me the correct size again. A second time. I called, and the person in charge of making decisions wasn't there, so they are going to call me back. I wonder if they'll just say enough is enough, and I'll end up with two, or if they want me to mail it back and then refund the shipping again. Haha. Oh joy. Another trip to the post office.

I'm just glad I didn't procrastinate, so that the gift was here before Christmas despite the fumbles along the way!

Anyone else have any tales of holiday shopping or shipping they'd like to share?


  1. Yes! About 3 weeks ago I received some packages from Amazon that I ordered, and one that I did not order. It contained an I-pod touch ($269 value). The package was addressed to me, but the receipt inside was made out to someone else. I called and they said they would have UPS pick it up. Didn't happen. I called again and they said UPS would pick it up. Didn't happen. Then I called the third time and demanded to talk to a manager - he told me that UPS couldn't pick it up and that this type of thing was so rare that there just wasn't a system in place for it. So they kindly asked me to take it to the post office (a mother of two, one of whom is a newborn baby) the week before Christmas! They felt bad so they gave me a $20 credit (which honestly wasn't worth the 2 hours on the phone and the stress of trying to get it back - but I would have done it for free just to be rid of an item that wasn't mine). The worst part of it was that Shane logged into my Amazon account to see if something had gone wrong there and by so doing found out what I got him for Christmas! Boo. =( But it's all done now and I'm starting to wonder if online shopping isn't actually more of a hassle than running out to the store to buy presents.

  2. lol yes! my sister ordered us the santa clause movie on amazon and it won't play.... something about territories? know anything about it? i googled it and it doesn't really make sence..... like if it is made it one country you can't use it on a dvd player from another?
    also- i was debating paying for rush delivery on something to get it here in 2 days. i decided not to b/c it didn't really matter if it was here by christmas or not. well, it came in 2 days! what a rip off if someone paid the 7.99 more thinking it would come more quickly- lol

  3. they probably normally wait til they get the item back before shipping the new one and since it was before christmas they went ahead and sent it. then when they recieved yours they went ahead and sent the right one. again. lol

  4. I don't think I have any crazy stories like these, but it is fun to read yours and be grateful that I haven't dealt with the madness!! Well, there was the issue with the envelopes Dad ordered us to mail out our wedding invitations, but that wasn't really Christmas related, just happened at Christmas time...


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