Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowy Weekend

We had a nice, snowy weekend. We stayed home a lot more than we had planned :( but that was probably wise, because when we did venture out, the other drivers were not being very smart. Example: We're driving home from Jeff's parents' house, sitting at a stoplight waiting for a green arrow. Jeff is looking at something, so he doesn't notice our light turn green. I'm about to tell him it is green when a car drives (slides?) right in front of us through its completely red light. If Jeff hadn't been looking at something else, we would have been completely sideswiped by that car, and it was not going terribly slow. Wow. And about five minutes before that stoplight incident, we saw another car in a ditch next to the road we were on.  We had another occasion of where we were driving down a street and a smaller connecting road had someone approach the stop sign way too quickly, and they almost weren't able to stop in time before sliding into our bigger road that did not have a stop sign. Sigh. Scary. I'm glad Jeff was driving.

Snow can be fun, too, though!

Jill enjoyed eating the snow as well. Fresh fallen snow—yum!

We also had the privilege of attending the wedding of our friends Amelia and Fernando on Friday evening. It has been quite a fall for weddings! This was my fifth!

Jeff and I have a poll going right now. If you are viewing this post on my blog, then you can see it in the top right column. If you are not viewing this on my blog (for example, if are you viewing it in your e-mail, Google Reader, or facebook), then please click this link if you would like to go to my blog and vote. Jeff and I would really like you to vote. :) We both think our reactions are pretty funny.


  1. #1. Jill is ridiculously cute in her snow gear.

    #2. I hate driving in snow, not just because it's a little more stress-inducing than usual, but also because I don't trust others to drive as safely and cautiously as I do. People do really stupid things normally; the consequences of their decisions are only magnified when the conditions are dangerous.

    #3. I miss you.

    The end.

  2. I love the poll. I can't wait to find out which was whose reaction!

  3. Where did you get that super cute sled?

    Hallie loves this video.

    I voted on your poll, I also can't wait to see the results!!

  4. ALSO I love love love that white hat she's wearing.

    And I love it when kids are so packed up in their gear that they can't move. Classic.

  5. wow cute video! glad you guys are enjoying winter rather than hating it :) lol


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