Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Difference of a Year

Oh, the joys of Christmas.

She loved reading about Santa and seeing our Santa ornaments. The love seemed to end when he reached down to pick her up. I'm even pretty positive that it is the same Santa both years, because we had the mall Santa at our church party last year.

I love Santa's face in this one. "Oh. Sigh. Another crying baby. Why?" :) Poor Santa. He was really nice.

Sorry for torturing you Jill, but I think you will find this funny in the future. I hope. Because it isn't cute! All it has going for it is funny. Isn't her dress lovely though? Thanks, Laurie!

And please know that Laurie bought the CD copy of the picture, so I am not breaking any rules by posting a picture a photographer took. :) I respect photographers' rights to their work.


  1. Awwwww lol. She'll think it's funny when she's older. I LOVE that you have a good sense of humor about pictures. It bugs me when parents flip out because their child doesn't look perfectly cute in a shot. Hello! That's their childhood!

  2. haha, so cute. Ryan was tearing up while he was sitting on Santa's lap but he held it together long enough to ask for a train for Christmas. Priorities.

  3. haha! too funny! that will be great for her to look back and laugh!
    so laurie bought the beautiful christmas dress huh? lucky duck! i guess i shouldn't complain that much, the one lilly is wearing is a hand-me-down from my little cousin that is still in very nice shape :)

  4. How did I not comment on this last year? I'm glad Jill enjoyed it more this year than she did last!! And Daniel was quite the champ!!


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