Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Almost December

For Thanksgiving, Jeff and I were pleased to have my parents and grandfather visit for the four day weekend. I am really grateful that my in-laws and parents get along so well. It makes for a lot of fun times for Jill, having both of her grandparents together.

As you can see, Jill was very helpful during the weekend. Many great tasks were accomplished: the gutters were cleaned, Christmas lights were put up, baby clothes were organized, crafts were begun, tasty food was cooked, etc.

One accomplishment that visitors to my home will appreciate is that the second bathroom door latches now! So no longer can Jill or the cats open it merely by pushing. (Although Jill has opened doors twice all by herself. She seems to have just gotten lucky though, because she has not repeated the performances since. However, she had to turn the knob and pull—not push—so we were all pretty impressed when it happened.)

Sorry Dad for cutting your head off in this picture, and thank you very much for everything you did! My mom did many wonderful things too, like make my sink sparkle, but I did not take any pictures of those.

Thank you, Mom and Dad!

And please don't think we make our guests work for their stay! My parents just really enjoy helping. :) And Jill enjoys helping their helping. ;)

Jill really loves the Christmas tree. She removes the ornaments constantly, and she carries the Christmas presents all over the house. She has not tried to open any of them yet; we'll see how long that lasts. The cats have not opened any yet either, nor have they attempted to climb the tree. It probably isn't as interesting to them to climb since it is a fake tree. They only attack the tree if one of us has recently touched it and made it move around.

The first Christmas tree picture affords a good view of my growing belly. I hit the 30 week mark yesterday, so I'm 2/3 complete! I still am exercising (much to my surprise) and feeling great (not to my surprise). The only real difficulty I'm experiencing is sleeping. Oh well. Soon I'll be so exhausted that it won't be hard to fall asleep. ;)

It really does feel like December now. It rained almost the entire day today, but as I just went out to put some trash and recycling in their respective bins/containers, it had turned to snow. I don't think anything will stick, because it is just barely falling, but a few got stuck in my hair nonetheless and made me feel very excited for Christmas.

Speaking of my hair, it was starting to look scraggly (in my opinion), but I am not tired of long hair yet, so I was debating what to do. Last week, I had a whole half foot of hair cut off, but basically no one noticed, so I am contented that my hair is still long (because I think friends would have commented if it looked short) and it is no longer scraggly. Yay for healthy looking hair.

That pretty much brings you up to date on all of our ever-so-exciting activities. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to think of many things for which you are grateful!


  1. LOL!! yay for latching doors- what an adorable pic of her helping!!

  2. Thanks for a bountiful Thanksgiving, loaded with good food and love!

  3. You cut off a foot of hair!? I can't believe you had that much hair to cut off. Life is soooo not fair. :)

    So jealous of mom and dad and Big Grandpa too, getting to see you. And jealous of you that you get to be there to soak up their helpfulness. My sink hasn't sparkled in a while... no offense, Devin. :)

    LOVE YOU!!

  4. Yeah, Mom scrubbed it with baking soda and vinegar. Who knew?!

  5. Thanks for pointing that out to me, Ames. (Albeit unintentionally.) It should say a "whole half foot of hair," which I still felt like was a lot. I spent a lot of time growing that hair!!

  6. I was vigorously filing away at some metal that I thought was not being helpful and Jill after studying my actions for awhile joined in just as energetically with a screw driver that was handy.

    At that point in the process I had made so little progress that I just welcomed her enthusiasm for the task.

  7. holy cow i really didn't notice your haircut??? you must have had it up!
    i can't believe you have your tree up already! i hope we do ours next week sometime.
    i totally saw jill today at mcdonalds with her grandma- she is so cute! and you are so super lucky to have such an awesome mother in law. i am way jealous.


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