Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some Early Halloween

This one makes the cut, because Jill is wearing a Halloween outfit. Don't you love the combination of her orange, my maroon, and the train's red? haha Laurie treated us to a train ride on a train from . . . 1910? 1930? I'm not sure which decade, but let's just say the train has been around the block for a while or so. :) Jill really enjoyed it.

Rawr. I'm a scary tiger.

Jeff and I were "high school sweethearts."


  1. awesome, although I wish Jeff had done the h.s. hair...

    and, um, never mind.

  2. Good job posting Halloween costumes! I love letter jackets!

  3. Jill and her costume are beyond cute. And so are you and Jeff. The end. :)

  4. ahh she doesn't look like a mean tiger at all! more like a tiger you'd wanna cuddle with :)
    you guys were too cute- high school sweethearts rock!! hehe

  5. I want to hug the Tiger. You two are lookin' good in your "High School" garb.


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