Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How I Know . . .

I have been thinking about ways to know things. Some points of life are learned through reading or watching the lives of others. Some can only be learned through experience. Here are some I've learned recently.

How I Know . . .
  • I'm pregnant: When doing zumba at the local Y, my focus is not on getting the right moves, looking good, or trying to figure out what the songs are saying in Spanish. I am entirely focused on not losing my balance and falling over, as well as not peeing my pants. The bouncing and jumping is hard on a pregnant woman.
  • I am not fostering an abusive relationship between my pets: They will cuddle with each other. The vet said that is a sign what I view as dangerous behavior is really just kittens playing (or possibly the male kitten annoying the female kitten), but not actually a problem or dangerous.
  • Our car didn't fit where it was: My beautiful, beautiful van has a smashed tail light and some dentage due to an unfortunate experience on Saturday. We were idling along the curb, waiting for a break to pull into traffic, when a city bus smooshed us a bit while turning a corner. Sigh.
  • I married a winner: He has accepted my OCD tendencies and is willing to put his clothes away where I deem appropriate. He has adopted my system of organization. Now that's love!
  • I should probably stop buying fruit snacks: They seem to be the only food that Jill ever wants to eat. And she wants to eat them all the time. (Okay, she will deem other food worthy occasionally, but I am tired of her whining for fruit snacks.)
  • I overuse some words: I can't believe this super short post has the word deem twice.
Jill at her uncle Kyle's birthday dinner

Cosmo and Chloe
Can you believe they are only six days apart in age? Cosmo dwarfs her. He weighs twice as much as she does, and she can almost walk under him without crouching.

What have you learned recently?


  1. Your poor sweet innocent van! It never did no harm to nobody! So, how does that work? Did the van pull over and give you his insurance or... are they going to pay for it at all?

    I've learned that it's probably best not to give Hanna m&m's. And that Hallie is still too young for suckers.

  2. We were mere yards away from his city bus stop, so the bus pulled over there, and we all waited for a risk manager of the city and the police to arrive to take care of everything. Currently it is ruled no fault for us and at fault for him, so the city should pay for everything.

    Sigh. People give Jill suckers all the time.

  3. A city bus! That trumps my exaggerated 'monster truck driving over Dad's car' story.
    As to what I know; about a year ago I read the part when Nephi tells his brothers what they know, like knowing an angle talked to them. I started a list on a piece of paper that I keep at that part of the Book of Mormon titled; What I Know. It's in my church scripts and I think about and add to the list during the sacrament.

  4. omg i have got to get back into the blogging world! i have (not on purpose) totally left it behind!
    i miss you- i love hearing from you!
    so i wanna hear this van story! did the bus just drive by? or is their insurance covering it?

  5. Wow. You are awesome. Zumba while pregnant! That sounds... challenging. Little Daniel is gonna come out dancing at this rate!

    Thank goodness the city is covering your van repair. That sounds scary. Was Jill in the car? I'm glad you both were okay.

    I always knew Jeff was a winner, but this organization stuff takes it to a new level! Maybe you could share some of your organizing juju with me and hopefully it will spread to Zach too!

    Ah, fruit snacks. It's the only way I was able to go on walks with Ryan. He would have three packs some days. I like to think that because they have "fruit" in the name, they have to be atleast a little bit healthy. right?

    I enjoy reading your "overused" words. Keep 'em coming.

    I wish I could comment on all your posts. I am usually reading with a baby in my arms though, so sometimes I have to come back later to comment!

    miss you and can't wait to visit! I will let you know when we find good tickets! :)

  6. Ahhh, cumon Mom, give Jill some fruit. She cain't hep it if she's related to her granpap. I've always loved fruit more than meat or veggies. Sweet or sour, fruit always comes out first. (And, after you get this fruit thing straightened out in your mind, keep on learning - from your own, and from other's experiences. About this "pregnant" thing. You do such a marvelous job - you're a winner - hang in there!!!) Love, grandpa H.


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