Friday, September 3, 2010


Pete, Dan, and Amy—you're welcome. Being your sister was my pleasure. ;) (tee hee) And Mom and Dad, thanks for making it all possible!!

A recent study has shown that having a sister that you get along with decreased depression in young teens.

CNN report
USA Today story


  1. So, I have my sister Cathy to thank for my well balanced disposition! Poor Mom, no sisters.

  2. Oh, and I do so so sincerely thank you.

    And, I LOVE the look in Hanna's eyes when she's watching Hallie. Which is always when they are in the same room. And she thinks that Hallie is soooo funny. Even when Hallie isn't being particularly nice to her, she just adores her, you can tell. I know that someday she will not always look at Hallie that way, but I hope she still does sometimes.

    It's a beautiful thing, sisters.

  3. ooo poor lilly. i wonder if i can try to be a substitute sister.... or maybe a little brother will work??

  4. tee hee Jill can be Lilly's "sister." And brothers can work. ;)


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