Tuesday, September 7, 2010

follow up on pink

I feel the need to continue my tirade on pink. My issue with the color's status stems from my issues with baby clothing. In one short week, Jeff, Jill, and I will have a peek at our new baby via an ultrasound. We are praying that all the organs will be in order and that the baby will comply and allow us to see what the gender is. So, we are obviously thinking a lot about whether we're going to have a boy or a girl.

If we are having a girl, done. I don't have to buy a thing.

If we are having a boy, then I wish I could say done. But the powers that be say it is not so. When did pink become a predominantly girl color? When did cherries, strawberries, butterflies, hearts, polka dots, flowers, etc. become designated female designs? I like a good train, truck, or boat as much as the next person. Surely many men like to eat cherries and strawberries; they all have hearts (although I'm sure some women will disagree!); some probably like to garden flowers, etc. So, why does it seem so wrong to me to put a boy in an outfit decorated in fruit? Why do I never see boys wearing fruit? Why do half of Jill's outfits have fruit on them?!

So, you see, my real issue is with being a cheap wad and not wanting to buy all new clothes that will be pooped and spit on (among various other activities) and that will only fit for a few months. But it feels so wrong to put a baby boy in pink. With frills.

I do dress Jill in blue. With her blue eyes, she just looks gorgeous in blue. And I do not get offended when people call her a boy when she wears blue, as they inevitably do. Because I understand that by putting her in blue, I have made her look like a baby boy. But I don't do that to her every day, and it seems harsh to do it to a baby boy every day. To dress him "like a girl."

So, does anyone know the history of "baby colors"? I could google it, but it's more interesting to read what your opinions are first.


  1. At music makers this morning there was the cutest little boy (who has two older sisters) wearing pink and purple boots. I was tempted to ask the mom about them, but I was afraid she would misinterpret my question.

    What I wanted to know was, is she fighting the stereotype and forcing him to wear these girlie boots, or did he really want to wear them all on his own because he is young and innocent and has not yet associated certain colors with certain things. Or are they just simply trying to save money and not buying new things? (I've never seen him wear girlie things before though, so that last option seems the least likely.)

    Maybe if I get to know her better I'll ask...

  2. no answers for ya sorry. just comments.
    first of all- can you believe your last pink post got 11 comments!!? people have some serious opinions about pink!
    second of all- if you have another girl you probably won't think twice about it.... but if you have a boy then with an awesome mother in law like yours you probably won't have to worry about it anyways!
    plus i am throwing you a shower anyways :)


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